I'm seeing a sale reversal immediately after purchase

I purchase a ajax filter plugin, it’s been reversed, now I don’t have the plugin and im not sure if i received the money back in my account. I paid through credit card. Why has this happened?

Hello. Please open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center if you haven’t done so already. Our Help team will be happy to check into it for you. Thanks!

Take a look at this:

This was a real purchase from a visa backed credit card. The sale was immediately reversed and I’m still checking to see if I was even refunded. Does Envato refund when the sale is reversed or do they keep the payment? Also I don’t see the product in my account. I’ve already contacted support and there hasn’t been a response yet. This is the first purchase I’ve made on this website.

Unfortunately we won’t know the answer to that here. I assume that they would take an authorization on your card before actually charging it, and if something went wrong to reverse payment they would drop the authorization after a few days.

But only support can help you with this. They should get back to you soon. Thanks!