I'm new with envato market please help with my rejected business card!

I did my first business card and submitted it for approval but I got hard reject from the envato quality team! I followed the standards of creating the business card for the envato store.
Please can any one help me and guide me with my first item here! I’ll be glad to get notes from professionals!

I used the following:

  • Roboto font
  • the design dimensions 3.75 × 2.25 inches @ 300ppi
  • Padding 0.25 inch

Check the item front and back below

Thanks in advance

It looks good except for the small text - I would try a different font and be careful with the spacing.

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Competition is very high on the Envato market, so you should create some new and fresh. But I don’t feel it, when I look on your business card. It looks too old. I saw similar design styles 10-15 years ago

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The graphics are not in trend. Then on the back the text is aligned bad.

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Paying attention to the small details will always help in getting your items approved. the text alignment off. text could be bigger, but i think the basic alignment would help going forward. compare to other designs on the market. Good Luck and keep designing.

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Thank you guys for your comments and advices, I’ll followup these notes and trying again with new fresh design and take care of alignments and font size

Thank you for your helpful comments