i'm new here

Hi Guys,

I’m new in audiojungle, i just start this as a business and I’m working hard to learn more and progress, I already submitted 2 items on music section and I’m waiting for the review (9 days) lol.

This is my web site :


And this is the items I submitted:

Memories :

Summer vibes:

Your feedbacks are welcome :slight_smile:



Welcome, good luck.

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Thank you dude.

good day. I think you need to be patient and keep working regardless of the result.
Good luck!

Thank you dude, I’m learning something new each day, for example today I upgrade my level of mixing and mastering I learned some new tips but still need to progress more any way thank you for your advices.

Yes dude :slight_smile:

hi!! Good luck!:slight_smile:

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Hi guys,

My 2 submissions was rejected and that’s what I expected because i was excited to begin selling on audiojungle, the point is I learned more about music production after the submissions, the 2 tracks has bad mixing and mastering, and the packages was badly built, I’m learning more each day.

I removed the tracks presentations on my web site to respect reviewer comments, but what I don’t understand is the fact that reviewer tell the following:

This item cant be resubmitted.

Can some one explain? Why we can’t resubmit after reworking on them and make them better?

Anyway, I’m working to become better and I really invest too much because I love music and it was my dream when I was younger.

Thank you for your feedbacks.