I'm losing pageviews. What was the benefit of the new Popular Files page design, again?


The new design is obviously controversial, for me what is worst, is that there are so many other things to fix on AJ, that is crazy they decided to change the design of a working part of the of the website.
I also learnt that I must pay attention to “Envato Announcement” as they were discussing this last month
Once this changes roll up it seems impossible roll them back.

Just look at the page on a smartphone and it feels claustrophobic ! seeing so little tracks…


i am aslo guilty of missing this announcement, and for my bad, it was done on Christmas or near holidays, so all this changes went unnoticed.




Let^s check it !


Does anybody else see this layout? Rectangles and squares for added confusion. This just baffles me…

+1 on the missing search bar. It’s almost as though they want to make it harder to navigate AJ. Or kill the top selling page.

On the plus side, no elements ad at the top…


good luck for all guys !


I saw some very messy layout when I ran an older version of Safari (3.5 years old) when I updated the browser things looked normal again. So you might want to check how old your browser is.

And yes it´s super weird there is no general search bar at the popular files pages, same on all the Popular files markets with new design. We have to assume that not every customer finds what they are looking for when going to the popular list.

Maybe Envato have some numbers how many customers did use the old mini search field and decided to not continue with it… Either way it´s strange. If not at the top at least have a search bar at the bottom of the page.


Makes sense Mojo. My system is quite old and un-upgradable. Might look better on newer machines.

Oh well, Envato has the data. Let’s just hope this is for the best…


I don’t like new design at all. It’s very unclear, no branding picture, it’s too big. :confused:


Here’s how it shows me…

It looks like the longer the name, the bigger the card.


Hmm, doesn’t seem to appear the same way for me. Is that an old computer? It might be due to you using an older version of Chrome.


Each month I’d check the popular files page to see how much harder I needed to work to get into the monthly “popular authors” section. I’m kinda bummed that is now gone, it was a big goal for me.

I don’t like the new design either. The previous design was far more effective IMHO.


Yes, outdated … But this is only on this page. The remaining pages are normal.


There was a complete depersonalization. The author no longer matters. The buyer listens to the track, maybe buys … And who is the author? - “It doesn’t matter! “Audio Jungle” is an author! Remember where you bought and comes again! Who the author is is not important. This is a store - the seller is important!”
It looks like this.


Agree with you, @waxpoetic. This is crazy. We are selling audio… Gosh, the waveform and the play button has the main importance for us. And what about the search bar? BTW, the search bar has a big influence on other authors. What if a new customer doesn’t like anything from here and wants to browse for other music?? Too many steps everywhere… Everything is just too complicated :frowning_face:

Edit: @AurusAudio I’m using the latest version of google chrome and I see the same design as @PONYMUSIC


In other news, the PF page is not updating for this week! It was supposed to update an hour ago.


Maybe it’s a screen resolution thing? What’s your resolution?




Holy balls. Ok, maybe not! :stuck_out_tongue:


I suppose… but maybe it’s a stupid idea but i think this is designed by usage… I mean a user’s regular spending time on this page. but this is just my theory.