I'm losing pageviews. What was the benefit of the new Popular Files page design, again?

This doesn’t come as a surprise to me, because when you look at the page, it’s clear that buyers aren’t going to want to scroll down 5 kilometres to see the lower items in the list.

@trent-aus this is a pretty big deal for me, and I’m sure for all the other authors with tracks further down in the list. I was under the impression that this new design was leading to more conversions? How is that possible when each item card takes up so much space?

Not happy at all about this decision. It doesn’t seem to serve any purpose other than to promote the top 5 tracks. Change my mind.


Curious how the changes impact the very top selling authors so far @MorningLightMusic @StockSounds @RedLionProduction ?

From my perspective I really hope that views are spread more throughout all the sub genres and that should also mean a little less views for the main list I suppose?

At the same time I see 9 tracks at 1 page now, while around 20 before the layout change, so it would be weird if this does not impact the tracks “in the shadow” of the main list. Then again many of the same tracks are easier to access in the sub categories as well.

Also with the new micro thumbnails views might be spread more evenly since nobody sees if the visuals are good or bad…


Can we have colors, thumbnails and some personality back? This looks more like P5 now… :confused: I think AudioJungle was much more inviting for buyers before.

Why can’t we have nice graphics like codecanyon? Or just simple large thumbnails like we had before so more items are visible on the screen? It’s hard enough to find music you need in this huge jungle of tracks, and now everything looks the same…

Also, why are we wasting space on the TOTAL LENGHT of all versions combined? Nobody cares about that. Most people search for 1-2 minute tracks and they see 16 minutes lenght for a track that is actually 2 minutes long, it doesn’t help at all.


I am aslo not happy at all about absolutely strange Popular Files page design, incompatible with the type of content we are selling here. Total mess, a lot of useless graphics and details, all affecting visibility of tracks. The only benefits with this design just for 3 top files. Older design allows more tracks to get visibility, now all buried under repetitive visual mess.


It’s done very well.
I love this new design.


Oh dear Lord does that page look awful! Why the change? If you are going to change anything start presenting curated playlists in each genre. This is a major step back in design. It looks just terrible, Cheap, Dated. Sorry to the design team but I do not want to click play on any track when I scroll to that page. My goodness…is this progress? self buying is rampant again?..It’s so obvious. Our brands and logos have been destroyed by the envato design team.


This new design is terrible!!! first of all what with our logos? all our branding becomes almost meaningless, this is also on the pages of the search results, the branding on audiojungle was one of the great things for every author to build his brand and quality identity for buyers to remember and follow. The popular files page with this new design also look like loosing is all meaning as a main page for buyers and look similar to other marketplaces with tons of wave files that you just want to leave, for us the authors it is very bad for exposure and position.
New design is not necessarily better.


Sales on this track seem to be going down.

Right now I’m feeling upset, frustrated and alienated by Envato. I want to have the confidence that Envato are making these decisions with the benefit of many authors being taken into account, bur that’s hard to believe at the moment.


Not a fan of the new design either. What’s the point of having a logo? Please, for the love of God, put the old design back up.

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Not a fan yet of this either.

@trent-aus I used to see sub genres to choose from but they are now gone.

Also, where is the search bar on the Popular Files page? It’s like the user experiences a dead end and is stuck just choosing a popular file. Seems odd to have to hit the browser back button to start a new search.

Also, is anyone else noticing several strangely truncated logos making them even smaller?


Yep, it’s happening for me as well.

I agree that the old design was starting to look dated, and the tiny play buttons didn’t exactly help streamline the site, but why such a harsh change? Can the new design not be more of a compromise? Smaller cards with less clutter?


My sales are gone anyone else?


I also agree with you all. Not liking the new design. Where is the TOP AUTHORS of the preview month section?

Also, we spend so much time and effort to create thumbnails to be descriptive and to look professional, but now with the thumbnail so small there is really no point in doing that anymore.

Please AJ, I am not against change and a refreshed/modern design, but the changes made so far have made things worst! Please reconsider what has been done and listen to us, authors who work hard every day to keep this website alive!

Thank you


I reported this to support yesterday, to me it might seem as if you have a long title or a long author name the white layer under the title/author name starts to overlap thumbnails or something.

Honestly, I think the old design looked quite “90´s”, and that the new design looks much better except the sizing of cards and especially the sizing of thumbnails. Just look at the difference between featured authors icons and the micro icons, surely there must be some compromise that can be meet?

I managed to get a snapshot of how the popular files look before the page is fully loaded (because my computer was super slow) And then it show up with 4 cards beside each other (and no featured authors):

I think that 4 or even 5 item cards beside each other would be better, then just find a horizontal place for the featured authors on the top or the bottom for example.

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New design is not in line with what we selling here, because it oriented on visually driven content - photos, videos, but not the music. I know, the idea was to bring same experience for all Envato sub-markets, but for us it brings nothing but flood of useless design elements. Older design gave more exposure to more tracks. My logo truncated and showed with errors too.


Biggest problem here is a shift from authors, shown by small sizes of our thumbnails, to more generic view. Is it ruining our years of establishing our brand? And one more serious question - why no one from Envato side contact AUTHORS for discussing those changes? Why we as authors completely eliminated from the process of consulting about all changes? Is it a huge problem to select “table of advices” consisting of respectable authors, who can rise his voice about changes of design, etc??


The discussion about this have been going on here among other places Design Refresh Coming to Popular Files and Popular Items Pages It would be very interesting to hear some customers opinion about the micro thumbnails. If they see problems with it its more likely Envato will take action I would guess.

totally agree

Honestly, the new search page design for AJ, large empty windows, a tiny avatar (Logo) of the author, as well as “…” & incomplete track titles I also do not like! I support your comment!

The micro logo that is not at all visible just destroys brand awareness. We may as well be looking at sand in the desert with this pathetically horrible design that destroys brand awareness. You completely got this wrong envato and have wasted incredibly valuable time on fixing what was not broken. Bring our brands back! We want to see our logos again. If you are going to spend VERY VALUABLE developing time, spend it on presenting curated playlists in each genre. This change amounts to complete stupidity. You are creating a design that does not promote brands. You are just serving up a boring commodity with this presentation. It’s completely ridiculous!
Who is advising you on the design for audio jungle? an intern? this is really sad sad sad and just dumb. Sorry to be so brutally honest but you have this entirely wrong.