I'm losing pageviews. What was the benefit of the new Popular Files page design, again?

I do not and cannot comprehend how such a design oversight has been made. Envato has access to authors from Graphicriver to draw inspiration from or at least consult with these highly talented authors but I guess they know best.


Was there something inherently bad or ineffective about the old design?
Whatever happened to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?
Change for the sake of change is rarely a good thing.



Guys, do not waste your time here, I am convinced that this topic will pass unnoticed by the employees of Envato, as usual (we have already observed this more than 100 times)! Ahahahaha :sweat_smile:

There’s no point! All that is written here will not be read and heard! I’m sure of it! :smiley:

Why is compact UX design a thing on Elements and not the Market? This is far more space-efficient:


The elements have a great design, and Why is a terrible design for AJ, which by definition is not appropriate, for audio tracks?

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It seems like every time I weigh in on something in the forums, I start by saying I’m both an author and customer, but it’s applicable, so here’s my take.

The previous popular files page was far better than the “new and improved one” currently on display. My opinion isn’t based on my desire for things to never change. I’m all for working to improve the customer experience, but I do not think this does that in any way, shape or form.

I found it easier to browse the page and easier to find a track quickly (on the occasions I used the page for this purpose - I don’t always buy tracks this way) with the previous page design. I have heard some complaints on the forums about the old small play button on the author thumbnail. I don’t share that opinion. I think the old setup worked well, and if I wanted to get the full details on a track, I clicked on it.

I don’t need to see everything related to the track immediately in front of me. It’s too much, especially with multiple tracks displayed in this way.

I think minimizing author branding should be a non-starter when it comes to deciding on changes to the interface that buyers use. It shouldn’t happen. Authors have a huge challenge trying to stay relevant, visible, and viable under the best circumstances.

Reducing author logos to the current size used in the redesign makes no sense and certainly does not serve authors’ interests.

The 2018 Envato Annual Public Impact statement included the core value statement, “When the community succeeds, we succeed.” According to the statement, community is comprised of customers, the company, staff, stakeholders and authors.

Please remember that authors are supposed to be included in the community.


Feels like this is where we’re headed:



I’m happy for leto! :smiley:


He is from your country :slight_smile: He got lucky! :sweat_smile: I wish him happiness, peace and sales! :joy:


Yeah, we may be 2nd in football, but we are the champions of audiojungle! In your face, France! :smiley:


Popular Source Files are already there :wink:


Maybe write to Ben? He seems to be responding! And works with the authors AJ! (he really answers all the questions from the authors AJ).

In addition to him, no one will answer :point_right::point_up::point_left: . @BenLeong

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I agree that this new design is terrible and needs to be changed even it looks like it is good for me. Small avatars looks very bad and cheap. This way envato killed personality of us authors and went a steep back.
So many bad moves lately but I hope we will survive this too ;-).
Thanks @WaveToys and @CleanMagicAudio for wishes but New Year is over so my sales are too.
First placed song does not garanted buyers will keep buying it.


Lol. Definitely not what I experienced from him…

Hello, Leto. Great i am not an idiot, like others told me (not here, on other community forum), and i too share you feelings about latest changes. I suggest we need some sort of “Authors Advisors” or kinda that. No one asked us, so all words about “we are community, together we succeed” sounds very sarcasctic, when actually no one asking authors about how implemented changes affected us. So i suggest to contact directly and establish at least infromal communication and connection, or our role as authors will be reduced to the size of this small avatar. What a lack of respect. Imagine Michael Jackson album promoted without his image OR with his face with sized as our thumbnail, or with his name with the size of our thumbnail. Sad story.

New Design = Top authors immediately appeared on the forum, how so?

Top Authors, apparently you were treated very badly?
For example, for me (not top), sales are going well.

For those who are not very popular and not at all popular, sales have increased.

This Design is Very Good!

It works to our advantage, you just got used to the fact that you are just constantly in the top column of the authors. It’s okay, we (not the top authors) have been fighting for a long time and ask to change something so that we have sales (more)
Thanks for the new design!
Nothing needs to be changed!

God Bless !

p.s @leto great luck to u )


Nice to hear you like it and that you have more sales now. Some „innovations“ will be good for you and some wont, thats AJ.
This one is not good for me and I am also not top author anymore. Don t this week confuse you.
Good luck to you too!

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Thank You Leto : D

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I can actually confirm an unexpected increase in sales over here too. Way too early to say if it’s just an outlier or really has something to do with the changes to the top seller list. Need to wait and see.

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