2018 Envato Annual Public Impact Statement

Great to know that you guys run a charitable foundation. Thumbs up :smiley:

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Hi @collis

Great to see you back in forums. I didn’t see any word about Themeforest the generator of Envato and Authors earnings. Do you have any plan in future? Will be good if Envato creates an extra category like Web Apps (React, Angular, Vue web apps). it should look like HTML, WordPress, Marketing category. Now One Page Web Apps are on trend and very popular. It will be good and it can increase customers on Themeforest.

@Collis answer will be? Or did I just I wrote to myself (and led a monologue with myself)?
Best regards to you!

I wrote to you earlier than 4-5 days after the topic published by you! The new year has arrived! And more 12 days have passed, but there is no answer! :neutral_face::smirk:


Hi Bedros, being smarter and more targeted with promotional spots like this is something I hope to make progress on this year.


Hi CleanMagicAudio!

Sorry for the late reply - Collis must have missed your original question before he went on leave.

In regards to what will happen with the Envato marketplaces over the coming years, both Market and Elements will continue to be important parts of our ecosystem. Both marketplace and subscription models will coexist, and we’ll continue to improve both platforms.

As Collis mentioned earlier, AudioJungle is currently our fastest growing marketplace - so low sales definitely aren’t something that we’re observing across the whole site. We’re also investing in a lot of development work across Envato Market this year, with new projects affecting all seven marketplaces.


Hello Ben! Thanks for your reply! Have a nice day! :+1:

Quick tip if you want to do it smarter: stop doing this altogether!

By doing this you frustrate the marketplace authors by stealing their sales. (and their referrals on top of that, but that’s yet another story)

By doing this you are frustrating the buyer when they realize they won’t get the item they wanted in the first place after subscribing to Elements. Everyday, many of them come on the forums with confusion and anger at having been tricked.

By doing this you are losing buyers. Buyers that were on the verge of clicking the buy button, are now redirected towards Elements and its subscription process. More steps. More steps means more attrition. Its webanalytics 101.

In any case, trying to get users away from the cart page so that they do not conclude the sale is definitely not smart. How could one think this is a good thing?



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Maybe use the shopping cart spot for something useful instead like information about the handling fees? This could encourage more buyers to try reach the no transaction fee threshold at $75 for example.

Also, please consider using the envato elements logo at the top promo Elements banner. This could help with all the customer confusion if this “unlimited service” goes for the markets or not.

Hi, happy new year for everyone! :slight_smile:
+1 for @PurpleFogSound and an other similar issue : the purchasing process is too complicated anyway… We got messages with questions from new customers if there are any solutions to speed up the process because they are very busy and they have to do a lot of steps until the purchase is done and they want to buy the product, but each time when they need a music they don’t want to write the password, select these right images for the control, and things like this they have to do to buy an item… Too many steps… And why they can’t just simply buy without registering.
So @justinfrench is there any possibility to speed up the purchase process in the future?
Thanks for your answer!

Hi PurpleFogSound, I completely agree this doesn’t seem like a good place to display marketing messages, and it’s exactly the sort of stuff we want to analyse and review.

Yes! There’s always the possibility, but there’s also lots of competing priorities to consider :slight_smile:

The results from working on the purchase funnel can also be unexpected.

For example, we have previously implemented and tested a guest checkout and found that it didn’t help with conversion. It also created other issues that are not in the best interests of the community (fraud, customer support, etc), so we decided not to proceed with it for now.

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Thanks for your answer! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I haven’t received any response to my 20 days’ ago question …

@Collis, You’re Really Successful. I work hard to be an excellent writer. :slight_smile:

Yes this new idea of monthly membership only benefits the head of this site. Also when you control what can be said or posted that is sad. I loved Graphic River before but the new GR is too different and seems to be commercial.

Hi @rgba_design - I can answer that one :slight_smile:

There’s not much change needed for authors on that point - the switch that Collis mentioned mostly describes a change in our marketing approach, where we’ll be focusing more on the creative outcomes and end products that can be created with items.

Acquiring items via Market purchases or Elements subscriptions is obviously still important, but the focus is more on what you can build (and which items help you to get there).

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@BenLeong Bulk Packages Will Destroy Singular Writers.

A very featured product is blocking the market.

For example; an author;
When it makes a package that contains everything, such as transitions, lower thirds, and font animation, the individual authors market is closing.

A factor that adversely affects sales (for us) If you do not prevent this, your authors who work in a single business will negatively affect the sales or continue to be affected.

Hi @BenLeong, thanks so much for your answer but I still haven’t quite catched the idea. What can it mean for us as Market authors? How should we change our business approaches to meet new realities?