What's wrong with the Top?

Hello, I noticed that the Popular Files page has not been updated today (when the new week started according to Melbourne time). Did Envato change time for updating, or something went wrong after they changed the GUI of the Popular Files?

So, it’s been updated, but… what is up with those sales numbers? They seem very low… is there an official explanation for those poor results?

Or have Elements, the insane handling fee, and other questionable business decisions finally taken toll?

The sales numbers are so low now because of the holidays and many X-mas tracks that were in the Top. The sales must increase soon

…or, as so many authors who have never been in the top list have requested for years, the sales are now distributed a little bit more evenly, since the focus on branding has decreased. Could be, who knows?

There will never be a solution that makes everyone happy. All I know is that my sales are about 50% above average so far in January, and I have never been in any top lists.

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If that’s what it is, then great!

I was afraid AJ was going down the same route as the other marketplaces, and sales were down all across.

Yes, we can only guess of course, but it would also seem natural that the authors participating in Elements would see an overall decrease in sales, even if they didn’t put their bestsellers there.

Customers would see that they can find tracks of similar quality there that would be the next best thing, and therefore skip the marketplace purchase from that author.

I do have hopes the introduction of permanent sub categories on the popular files can distribute a little more fair visibility once you sell a little. Though there are clearly some limitations how fair play it can be when the high traffic keywords are monopolised multiple times by top sellers.

I don´t know how dynamic the popular files list was some years ago but it seems very dominated by older tracks and/or price dumped tracks now. It seems very unwise to me to underestimate customers that they want to licenses the same tracks over and over again, year after year. In comparison one of AJ´s biggest competitors have new tracks on their popular list every month.

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