How would YOU improve Audiojungle?

Aside from a return to the previous search algorithm (a subject we’ve beaten into the ground to no avail…), what features would you want to see here on AJ? I figure it couldn’t hurt to put them out there…

Here are a few that I’d like to see, most of which have been suggested at one time or another.

  • An audio player that stays open as you navigate between pages (with a volume control!)
  • Daily featured tracks
  • Reviewer pages with their personal weekly hot picks

What’s on YOUR wish list? :slight_smile:

  • Automatic naming of preview files so buyer can find their downloaded previews
  • Automatic watermarking of preview files
  • Allow PRO-registrated music

PRO for sure, I have just seen the uncollected royalties for many Audiojungle authors on the PRS site :flushed:


+1 PRO for sure, but how did you manage to check that info on PRS ?

Off the top of my head:

  • Author-defined pricing (with a minimum)
  • The option to give away one track free for a limited time (as a promotion)
  • Paid promotional items within AJ, similar to Google ads (would discourage foul play)
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this! would make it so much easier for us and the customers.

They are my PRO and you are able to check if there are any unassigned royalties using their search facility. I found one this week actually but not from my royalty free work!

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Here are a couple more:

  • A play counter for non-item page listens (optimally with stats…nah, too much to ask)
  • Preview download counter

I’d say its already improved enough, I mean we are all selling something aren’t we?

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Nope, not me. :wink:

+1 All things long overdue.

No. To all 3. An author defining price system would support the race to the bottom. Adding a minimum price wouldn’t make a difference in the long run. Prices would settle down.

I’m absolutely against giving away tracks for free. I’d scrap the free files of the month if I could. I know it’s exposure, but a license here costs just 19 bucks… and some people are using the free file for TV and Radio.

Paid promotional items would make this platform even more unfair.

I’m not sure if I’m still for PRO integration. There are lots of Authors waiting for that. This could lead to a flood of new items and a decline in sales for all of us. Like the search engine tweaks, which instead of improving the marketplace, made everything even worse.

  1. If $19 remains the minimum price, why would it be a problem?
  2. People abusing the free files is a problem, but that doesn’t mean the idea itself is bad.
  3. The problem is, people are already breaking the rules to self-promote their items. A few of the telltale signs are those tracks that sell AMAZINGLY the first day to secure a good search position or have a one-time-only AMAZING week to make the top sellers list, only to quickly stop selling. Or those tracks that conveniently achieve a 5 star rating shortly after release, some with 40 or fewer sales. (These schemes often go hand in hand.) Paid promotion would at least get it out in the open, thereby discouraging foul play.
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I didn’t say it would be a problem. What I said was, item prices will settle down. At least 90% would go for 19$. Why? Because there’s an advantage in selling cheaper and that would be a major factor. In the end it would be a lot develpoing, testing and getting rid of bugs for Envato instead of focusing on real problems.

The idea of giving away music for free is bad.

Yes, I can agree that exposure is a huge factor here on Audiojungle. But you can’t compare the exposure through the weekly top seller list with paid exposure. People go to the top sellers because they know: the more sales, the better the quality/usability of these tracks. Paid exposure does not stand for quality or “hand picked by the envato team”. It wouldn’t stop foul play. Maybe if Envato would kick the free files and replace that spot with paid items, then yes!

Here are some thoughts:

  • Better resolution for Logos/Avatars
  • Review queue reduced to not longer than 14 days
  • ID check for Authors
  • Batch edit for Items
  • Intern testing of the whole marketplace (if that’s possible)
  • Names for preview files
  • “Let Buyers pay more if they want” feature
  • Better Envato Studio integration
  • Shorter review time would be nice.
  • Better search engine also.
  • I’d like to see some sort of loudness standard implementation both for files for buyers, and preview files. Than we wouldn’t have to squash the music that much, and the end result would be better in the end product. It’s something that other sites have implemented like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes etc.

I’ve made a topic about this so feel free to hone in with your thoughts. Just search “loudness standard” on the forums. I don’t want someone to think that I want to steel this topic so I won’t paste any links here. But you can search for it if you like.


+1. That would make life harder for those who steal their music.

This should also be easy to implement. I would also like to have the opportunity to make templates for tags.
And I find it surreal that previews still isn’t named and that we have to manually add watermark…

  • creating a “boost” button that you can press once a day that will get your title higher in the search
  • ability to update files/titles/tags while in the waiting queue (instead of deleting, re-uploading and waiting another 20 days)
  • giving buyers a free extra download if they rate 2 downloads (which they almost never do!!!)

The preview files will have names if you right click and “save as” to a location on your computer. The site coding indicates that they used the HMTL 5 download attribute and coded it so that it is supposed to automatically name the file according to a naming convention that is “item number_author name_song name.mp3” when you left click for a direct download. However, it isn’t working correctly and that attribute doesn’t work on all browsers anyway. So, if you only use left click for it to do straight to your generic download folder, you get the generic file name of “preview.mp3”. The right click / save as combination gives you the intended name that the download attribute is set-up to provide… but doesn’t. From what I understand, Envato was made aware of it by an author some time ago, but apparently hasn’t made the fix a priority. I think a lot of people use the right click / save as combo. I’ve downloaded files that way for many years because without the download attribute, in the past and currently depending on coding and browser, left click causes the browser to attempt to stream the file.

How would i improve Audiojungle? Just would return the old good times that it is been here till december. There was a perfect time. The old search algorithm.

It was precise “aside from a return to the previous search algorithm” but even some of the propositions above looks quiet nice , i m totally agree with you !

Giving the email addresses of the buyers to the composers…

Invoices of composers not direct to clients but say, once a month to envato…

Mandatory for clients to give links to online videos with the used music. So we can learn…

Make quality matter more somehow. Some old bestsellers are not great, flat midi sounding, they just have the number of sales working for them.