How would YOU improve Audiojungle?

Nope, this will never going to happen.

Interesting, thanks for the info. But then again, this little bug has been adressed at least 3 times in the past 2 years. Wouldn’t that be great if Envato would listen up? I mean, this isn’t an Author thing, buyers can’t find their items.

Exactly, other Stock sites do this since a year.

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  • Faster review time
  • Fixed track’s volume (RMS).
  • Make the pricing more clear and include the buyers fee after the original price
  • More obvious rating system
  • More genre’s/sub genres to search through
  • Better searching algorithm
  • Quicker review times and a guarantee on what day they get released (you would have to choose different days each time to stop flooding the market on Monday’s)

These are all little things but I feel like they would improve AJ a lot. +1 on PRO as well as a lot of other things people have mentioned.

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A clearer explanation of which license is required for each type of usage. Along with the default purchase price being the lowest tier license - $19 - it would appear many buyers are simply choosing the most convenient, not the most appropriate, option. This is especially true whenever I see a $19 invoice for a customer with “TV” in their name.


Dynamic Bundling
Instead of having to compile Packs, which creates work for both authors and reviewers (with currently insane review times) , it would make sense to have an option whereby 3 or more eligible items by the same author (items specified by the author for inclusion) can be purchased at a certain discount.

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Why are the previews just named as ‘preview’ at all? When I export the preview track I call it e. g. “Source of Inspiration - preview” even in the mp3 tag. So, why can’t it stay like that? name + preview

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  • Preview download counter
  • to reduce the scan time of the track
  • Maybe it’s too radical, but I would increase the number of hard rejections, in my opinion audiojungle a pace will turn into a cesspool of repetitive content
  • Need some extra motivation for the authors unique and unusual tracks

I understand that you cannot go against the market, but sometimes the needs of the market forms the manufacturer, in our case, the manufacturer is audiojungle

+1. I agree, reviewers should reject more tracks.

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That’s a good question. As @AAMediaMusic describes above, the previews is supposed to be named. But personally I’m not able to download a named preview. (I’m on a mac and have tried both Safari and Chrome). I’m my opinion this is something that makes Audiojungle and Envato look like a amateur site, and I really can’t understand why this isn’t fixed yet.

Some more encouragement for buyers to rate items they purchased. Maybe a friendly email reminder? Less than 2% of my buyers have left a rating, and the situation is pretty much the same across the board nowadays for all authors.

I wonder if many buyers are even aware of the ability to leave a rating, let alone know how or where to leave a rating. I’m sure there’s more Envato can do to make this process more clear / accessible to buyers.



Hi Friends!
Really do not know if the opinions we have will help to do some improvement here.

About me, I can suggest four things:

1-Suspend an author by 3 months, when has five rejected tracks consecutively.

2-All tracks with more of two years, without a sale, should be removed.

3-The buyers should find at first sight, the tracks of the authors they are following.

4-Envato needs to change the search experience, because the buyers are going to the popular files or new files to buy. But what happen with the rest of three hundred thousand tracks that are also there?

This suggestion comes up often in many threads, but I’m not sure it would help much. Because you never know when a file will sell. In fact, there is many examples of files that slept for years with zero sales, but someday, the tide turns and they begin to sell regularly…

HI Nonzerobot,

Thanks alot for your reply!

You have a good point! but, If a track have good quality and it sleeps for years, then it is because a bad search engine.
Regarding to your point we must to understand that, this search engine, today gives the opportunity of 96% of possibilities of sale to new tracks. That means that an author could remove all their old tracks and sell it to another companies, that could be very bad for Envato. That could happen because, the opportunity of 4% of possibilities of sale is really fatal for any author that spend thousand of hours, producing music for Envato. A track become old after 20 days…

Thanks alot for your reply!

100% Net author earning would be an instant huge improvement :smiley:

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About the search engine, I also think it needs improvement. It is one of the most bizarre I’ve seen; as if there’s no middle ground. For some words, only bestsellers tracks comes up, but for others keywords, it’s mainly new ones. I have no clue if it will stay that way, but it is very confusing at the moment.


Have you not read the forums? About 2/3 of the posts are about how much less people are making, even the top authors!

Allowing PRO is my biggest wish. I’m currently editing video trailers/spots for a major TV network in Australia and they will not allow me to source any music from AJ as they require PRO information to be filed with APRA/AMCOS. I’m using material from PRO affiliated libraries and seeing these composers earn nice royalties - paid for by the network, not my clients. This is money that could be going into the pockets of AJ authors, as it is my preference to source music exclusively from this site when I’m responsible for the selection of music. The execs at the network have ruled this out as an option based solely on the PRO issue, not the quality of the music.

I recall filling out a questionnaire from Envato on this topic many months ago but it appears nothing has been done on this front to advance the issue.

I still can’t believe that the preview.mp3 issue is still a thing. This is such a no brainer to fix.