I'm losing pageviews. What was the benefit of the new Popular Files page design, again?


I spend a lot of (too much) time on that page, and it still looks the same to me. Maybe it’s random A/B testing?


Yes I think, because my partner, Gregor see another thing on his screen & my pc is brand new, I check out my old pc, and come back with any information.

Edit: It will be A/B testing… i think

On my current pc’s screen:

On Gregor’s pc:

On my old pc:


Why The PF page does not update? What’s going on?


I have the same question. That’s strange. What about those who had as many sales as necessary to get to the top this week, but the PF page did not update in time, as always? I think, this is somehow connected with the new page design. I wonder, if the PF page did not update because the Envato team read all the negative feedback about the new design, and are working on bringing it back?.. I wish it would be so.


i hope we will be listened. This is too important for us and those who will climb in this Popular Files list in a future.


@jamesgiroux, @trent-aus

If the UX team isn’t already aware of this, please let them know. This will definitely be having an impact on the user experience for buyers on mobile devices.

This is from an iPhone 7 on Safari.


From a buyer’s perspective the new design is atrocious. Nothing stands out. The graphic representation of sound blown completely out of proportion makes the screen cluttered and shifts the focus from titles to the graphic whether we like it or not. Having large unique thumbnails was great. It is physically impossible for an average person to remember 20+ keyword titles even if actually reading them was easy; images made it a breeze to remember which track you thought has potential without having to spam your favourites list all the time The author’s name should also be a prominent feature simply because there are many authors producing consistent quality stuff and all I want when browsing the page is to spot if any of them have a new item, without having to dive into their portfolio - as it is atm, it’s barely legible. Doubt the design would pass their own reviewing process. I gave up giving feedback to Envato quite a few years ago as most design changes seem to be implemented according to the authors’ vision with little to no consideration for user feedback. It’s the: ‘we welcome feedback but will do it our way anyhow’ philosophy so common nowadays…


Thank you for sharing feedback as a customer. I see that today there is a possibility to give feedback in the search engine.

So if you have the time, please cut and paste your feedback into that survey as well so it gets to the right people. Hopefully Envato will take it seriously.



I am very sorry to hear from you (because you are a buyer). Old search design in my opinion was better (including popular files). Interestingly, they have a restore point for example, as in “Windows” in case of unsuccessful installation? :slight_smile:

+1 for old search design.


Total destruction of our branding, imaging, marketing and brand awareness with this new design has just occurred. Where are our logos??? Why did you shrink them to nothingness? Don’t you realize that customers identify with and develop brand loyalty to authors based on their logos? The logo sends a signal to the buyers brain: “Oh that’s STEEL SOUND, that author is good at writing___________”
Ditto for every other brand on the site.
You have absolutely destroyed our brands and are now just selling bland wave forms. This is completely absurd and was a total waste of precious development time and money. Changing design is the name of “2019 design refresh” has 100% failed.

What are you thinking Envato?

Bring our large logos back for goodness sake. We want our brands to have an impact and have meaning and be recognizable.

My Goodness for a company that’s in the business of selling digital marketing assets and for a company that is as large of player as Envato is, you get a grade of “F” or failure with this design refresh effort.


Same thoughts and feelings. Author brand is equivalent to style, quality, type of sound you trying to search for. We are not selling waveforms, as @SteelSound said, we selling mood, style, genre, type of our own BRAND sound.


I do not want to seem prejudiced or greedy, but I paid about $ 18 for my avatar (at the exchange rate). Money wasted! For me, every penny price, because I save on the cottage (and half the amount I already have (no matter what)). :slight_smile: Buyers do not recognize the authors by avatar!

Old design would justify the means!


When I see Lumen Media’s brand I immediately think of EDM, Fashion, Techno.

When I see Tim’s Brand, you immediately think of pop song writer, indie, vocalist

When I see Guitar States Brand, I think of funk and groove

Olexandr’s = Corporate and piano cinematic content
and so on…

Bye Bye to brands and logos, hello to bland gray wave forms. Such stupidity.


If not as big thumbnails as before, I think we minimum need the size as of avatars here on forum posts. I can actually read the thumbnails here… thats a start and a compromise I would say.

If Envato wants to improve the general quality of thumbnails why not have a contest or something where the price is a featured item etc? That would get more than a few authors attention to pay for some proper thumbnails.


I think it would be possible to find a compromise between the new design and the old size of the icons.
I made small sketches in the photo editor.


My drawing skills are not so strong, but I think the point is clear. I also find the player implementation on the well-known soundcloud website quite interesting.


Nice idea, but that won’t work because authors use different colors in logos. Black avatar would hide black play and pause, etc.
So, maybe at the left corner of the waveform next to logo. And we can gain more space by removing time lenghts on the right side, that’s really not important and nobody cares about total lenght time of all versions combined. We can have the lenght of main version instead of download button or on the right side next to title.


Yes you are right. I just suggested one of the options. it is not necessary to make these interface elements black, and it is not necessary to make these elements inside the avatar. I think we all understand that it was possible not to reduce the avatar, but to assemble the interface elements taking into account the wishes of the authors and clients.


Hi AudioJungle Authors,

I’m an AudioJungle customer and would like to give my thoughts on the design/functionality and what I think a customer needs when surfing the AudioJungle site.

I’m actually a videohive author and I’m regularly looking for tracks on AudioJungle for my promovideos and also for clients of mine.

On average I think it takes me about 8-10 hours (sometimes spread over 2 weeks) until I find the perfect track. It really is a big hustle. Compared to finding photos or videos it is a nightmare. I can look on 100 Photos in 30 Seconds, for videos I have a still preview frame and can hover over the ones that might be interesting, so it takes me about 90 seconds for 100 video-clips, but for working through 100 music tracks it takes me at least 20 minutes which is already extremely fast I think.

But it could be much faster…

First of all in regards to the main point of this conversation: The weekly top selling tracks.

I understand that this is the best way of making sales, if you are up there you have a huge visibility, it’s like on all envato market places. But on AudioJungle the charts are for me, and also for friends, a place to see what KIND of music people buy and more importantly what tracks NOT to buy. I hate it (and it happens quite often) that I see a commercial on youtube or even on TV and I can tell it is a top 10 AudioJungle track. Subconsciously I even hear the “AudioJungle” watermark in my head. Really, who wants this? If I choose music I want it to be unique and not heard 1000’s of times before. So I would want an easy way to go from the top selling tracks to tracks that are like these. Maybe put the Author in a more prominent position so I can easily listen to same genre tracks from the same author. But honestly these charts are only a way for me to see what kind of music is being bought right now and regarding to the project looking for similar tracks or avoid a too hot genre. That being said, I don’t really care of the design. I liked the icons, but for me the new design doesn’t make a huge difference. I don’t mind scrolling a little bit more. Yes, the Authors could be more prominent and I would like links to similar tracks (preferably from the same author).

I think envatos job is to minimize the time a customer needs to find the right track. This track can be from a top selling author or somebody new. But it should be the track the customer is looking for. I believe that good work will be honored and should be pushed like taking into account how long a preview is being listened to (described in more detail below). Also sales and ratings should be taking into account, but sales/ratings should push more the quality of an Author and push all tracks from that Author rather than an individual track. So the overall quality of an Author is being more honored.

My most time consuming work is clicking on the preview button and skip through the track to see if it is or has parts that I am looking for. Before that I choose a certain BPM and try my best with keywords/genres. Keywords are hard, because music can be used so differently for different emotions it always gets a different feel regarding what you show next to it. So I get it that I just need to work my way through 100s or 1000s of tracks. If I find a track that I like, I put it to my favorites and start looking for similar tracks of that author. Chances are pretty high that the same author has more tracks that would fit my project. In the end I end up with about 5 tracks and I play it with my rough cut of the footage and see which one I like best. This process easily takes me 10 hours.

So with my post I wanted to explain you Authors how I work with Audiojungle. Maybe you can use this to get ideas and make suggestions to envato to make AudioJungle more user friendly or simply get a better insight of how (at least one user) works with AudioJungle.

I also have some ideas, which would help me (and others) so much:

Envato, if possible please create:

  1. mouseover preview audio chunks: So if I hover with my mouse over a track I want to hear a 5 second long preview which was loaded before so I have no delay. So lets say I have 30 tracks in the search list, please instantly load 5 seconds preview of each track so I can quickly hover over each of them. If you want to make it really awesome, let the authors decide for the 5 second preview clips, so they can take 1 or 2 chunks of the track which are important. Because the first seconds are often not telling what a track will eventually sound like.

  2. give us a possibility to automatically skip through the tracks in the search list. I would like to say “play x seconds of each track”, or maybe just the preview chunk or even better: x times 5 second chunks spread throughout each track then go to the next track. This way I could use my time for other stuff and listen to the tracks in the background. There was something called AudioJungle radio which lets you do something like this, but it seams not to work right anymore. But please do something like this for the search results!

  3. I think the rating system for audio files is not worth for customers. Many songs don’t even have any ratings. And they can decide from the preview if they like it or not. But still I would like something like a rating and it would be quite easy to do. Measure the play time customers listen to a song and link that to the keywords. So if I search for a certain keyword show me the tracks with that keyword, but in the order of the highest listen-time of people listening to that track after they typed that keyword. So if I type “Epic” and skip through the results make the ones I listen longer to, higher in the ranking for the next customer searching for “Epic”. The play time of a track, before skipping to the next is a great indicator how much a track is being liked. Please use this!

  4. Get some kind of a Author rating (through ratings and play time) and use this for pushing or depushing all of the authors tracks. Authors would might even start to delete tracks which they are not happy with to get a better over all rating and thus making the Jungle less junglely (is this a word? :rofl:) and help the customers even more by not wasting their time listening to less quality tracks.

All this would help customers tremendously finding the track they are looking for.

Thanks everybody who read all this. It was interesting reading the Authors sides of view, maybe it was interesting for some of you to see it from (one/another) customer perspective.

Best Regards


Great post and some great ideas!


Great ideas, Anton.