I'm designing a medical information web site and directory, I wonder if you could asset me in HTML5

if I purchase canvas, What is the maximum number of pages I can make from the purchased template for a single domain, keeping in mind that my site is non commercial web site and provide a directory for health information and also awareness campaign for epilepsy disease

You can use/create as many pages as you wish. There’s no limitation

Can i use Dreamweaver CS6 with Canvas or do you have a recommended program suitable for making the changes and customizations?


Depends on the template, you don’t even need any third party software. You can just use notepad to change the text and images if you know basic HTML

I’m not good with coding that’s why I rely on web editor programs. when I tried now Dreamweaver for editing “index with box” template from canvas package, Dreamweaver takes ages to make changes and even to load the index. do you have suggestions or does you have a program similar to the one you use in your tutorial videos


Dreamweaver is horrid when it comes to modern templates esp as complex as Canvas - i can almost guarantee that design mode will not work properly for it

Also if you are creating a directory why would you use html/css templates and not a CMS like WP? How are you planning on storing listing advice without some form of database integration?

Ultraedit or Notepad++
Web editor programs like Dreamweaver will be time consuming, and if you cannot edit using codeview regardless of which software program you use, then you are pretty much screwed.

Thanks for the advise,

Do you in your web sites have tutorials on how to do that

There will be documentation around the basics of the files but that will not cover setting up custom databases, or the basics of using a CMS

No I’m sorry I do not. Unfortunately we like many authors here on the forums are busy and will help where we can, but we all started to learn somewhere. Coding is like learning “braille” I guess - it takes time, and my best advice is to search Google for answers and learn. That way you will benefit in the long run.

thanks for your time,
I worked on your advise and started using CMS. I installed WAMP server and WordPress locally in my PC (Localhost). but the issue I have now is when try to upload the canvas zip file through Wordpress I’m getting an error message which says:

Unpacking the package…
Installing the theme…
The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.
Theme installation failed

Please note that I re-downloaded the zip file again but the problem still persists
Kindly advise


Hi @almajdal,

from your screenshot I can see you are trying to install a html5 template. html5 template will not work in wordpress because to work with wordpress you will need wordpress theme.

Also for future wordpress theme install I would like to mention that you will need to install only the theme zip not the entire full download.


Thanks for the reply,
In this case, can I exchange what I have purchased (canvas template) with a new WordPress theme and pay the difference if possible?

Sorry! already downloaded item refund not acceptable (without any item bugs). but if both html and wordpress theme published from the same author then you can contact the author and request them (if they can help).

Sorry to bother you more with my questions, please excuse me for one last question if you don’t mind.
I’m new in Evanto, therefore How can I contact the author?


You are always welcome. I have checked the canvas html author don’t have any wordpress theme.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:

Bless you
You’ve been very kind and cooperative

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