CANVAS Package

Can someone please confirm that the CANVAS package is NOT Word Press

Your query is not clear enough to understand, please elaborate.

I want to buy the CANVAS package. Just wanting to make sure its not built for Word Press

are you searching site template (html) or any ecommerce as like Shopify, Opencart?

I want to create a HTML5/PHP/Java/JScript/CSS/Bootstrap4 website using a template to assist with the development time. I don’t want to use Word Press. My question is simply, are these templates for doing this or are they templates to be used with Word Press?

You can check these html template:

Or more sorting:

Also you can use left side search features to find a better one for your need.

Yes, that is the one I’m talking about!

It’s ok, I’ll just buy it and have a look. Thanks for your help.

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Hello Ozken,

Thank You for Choosing Canvas! :slight_smile:

Please visit our Support Forums to Open a Support Ticket and we would be more than Happy to Help with the issues you are facing with the Theme Colors.

Thanks & Regards,
SemiColonWeb Team.