illustrator files preparing guide (soft rejection)


Hi Everyone,

Hello I’m new member here. I have a trouble to understand the graphicriver’s feedback to my submission.
I’m pretty sure it related to how I prepare my illustrator files. I don’t links the font properly in my EPS Files.
I want to submit a wedding invitation ( a package design for save the date card, invitation, etc). And here was the envato team feedback.

That’s why I tried to resubmit my file and try to prepare the files properly with fonts, of course. But for this second review, I got this message:

Please help, I don’t understand. Is there any mistake I have in my preparation of files?

This is how I prepare files

Picture above : content of may main zip files.

Picture above is my design submission.

Am I doing a mistake because the font?. Or how the right way to prepare print templates smoothly and not rejected (especially for a big package wedding invitation template)?.

many thanks for your help


Non-standard fonts should always be documented in the item description – with a link – AND inside a help file within your main .zip file.

You have to include a Help file inside the download folder/ZIP that says which fonts are used in the design and where the buyer can download them. This can be as simple a plain text file that says “Font used: Open Sans.

The font name and link must also be in the item description, as the rejection message states :slight_smile:


Hi, thank you for your reply.
Is it enough to provide the help file in .txt or note?
And should I expand the font on my file or Should I provide the font master in my main .zip?