icons rejected again after i improved it


i upload 48 Computer Accessories icons and it rejected again.

i read all articles about rejected the items but i need to know the causes please,
so which of this causes and there another causes or no please ? :

  1. i not choose category of icons but i chosse " -icons " only not " -web or -media,… etc ".

  2. i put 2 license file for Regular and extended but it not conflict with Envato license.

  3. XBOX gaming controller icon, this Trademark use and real world products.

  4. Visual Balance - is my icons set not have Visual Balance ?

  5. PSD must have a level of editability. there are about 2 icons Flat designs on a single layer are not considered editable, maybe this the cause to rejected ?

i would to help me to know my mistakes please.

Note : i fix all problem that “romlam” advice me in this topic

Thanks so much.
Best Regards, Hesham Sqrat

i would to hear any feedback for that please, can anyone help me ?
Thanks so much

I think some of your icons at size 32x32 and 64x64, its difficult to understand what exactly the icon mean/ what does it represent.

Hi, Thanks for replay.

you are right, i think you mean all cable types.
Thanks so much :slightly_smiling_face: