I want your opinion on this Soccer Flyer before uploading it


I made this soccer flyer in Photoshop.

Do you think it will get approved ?

CMYK, PSD Fully Layered
4.25x6.25 inches, 300 dpi


Hi, @subzeroz; off the top of my head, probably not.

Your trumpets show exterior shadows not in line with the soccer ball.

The france, italy is hard to read.

The soccer match main header is too simple.

And your heirachy of the bottom text is out.

And it isn’t a good idea to have shadow affects over a dynamic background.

Best to keep the background and try again.

Good luck.


Ok thanks @tmcom I will see what can I do.

I want to ask you why when I save the image and upload it here as CMYK, it appears so bright ?

See here:

The image I uploaded in the first post was with RGB

hi indeed u should work with CMYK colors right fron the beginning, this way no color changing …

hi indeed i think that this is likely to be rejected because this is not really unique indeed, and , in addition, i personally believe that your item is lacking a bit additional work , introducing some effects, gradients and shadows in or around the diverse elements would really take your item to the next level if u ask me … there is also no chance, in my view, that u manage to get through the reviewing and have your item approved with such a font used for the main title … u will need to make an extra effort when it comes to typos and typo combinations …

I am working with CMYK, but when I saved the image and uploaded it here, it appeared so bright, but in photoshop it appears normally.

If it gets approved :laughing: , Should I upload the preview image as RGB ?

u have no choice anyway … this looks strange then that u have a color discrepancy between the normal file and the preview …

A quick rule of thumb - drop out the gradients on the text. This is so 2005. :slight_smile:

Best of luck.

I am working with CMYK, but when I saved the image and uploaded it here, it appeared so bright, but in photoshop it appears normally.

If it gets approved :laughing: , Should I upload the preview image as RGB ?

It is probably some layer affect, since it seems to be affecting the whole image. Best to find that layers and tone it down.

But having a bright preview image and thumbnail isn’t a bad thing, (makes it stand out more).

My latest 4th of July flyers use it, (click on avatar and link) and it makes it more vibrant over an older one, that is more dark and dull.

But this is more advanced stuff, just work on the flyers bones at present, got one in, and go from there.

Good luck.


@n2n44 @tmcom

Guys, what do you think now ?

Is it better ? :grin:

Yep, @subzeroz, better, but l would consider blurring the background, (fights with the foreground) working on the main header a bit more and adding some lighting affects.

Remove the social media icons, (not allowed) and add some gradients behind the bottom text, (hard to read).

The flat cup in the middle also needs something, lighting highlights perhaps?

Do those things, and it is probably ready to give it a shot, good luck.


hi buddy , no for me this is worst again if u ask me …
the unified black banner is just not matching and not good looking …
the confettis look not well arranged and are not improving the creation visually to say the least … the trophy looks “fake” and dropping some shadows around the cup and flags would be a good idea if u ask me … teh title soccer match looks strange in my view and try to imagine that the buyer tries to replace by argentina vs costa rica for instance? what would it look like? the banners with team names and date are still lacking so extra relief and effects if u ask me …

Design in CMYK and save your template as CMYK but convert all your images to RGB. Remember everything on the computer or online is RGB and if it’s going to print it’s CMYK.

@tmcom @n2n44

Guys, I uploaded the design and it got rejected ! :joy:

Here is how it looked like before uploading it:

It’s size is: 4.5x6.5 inches + 0.25 inches bleed

I don’t want to upload it again, because the Euro tournament is almost over. But I want to know what could be the reason so that I can fix it if I will make another flyer.

Thanks in advance.

Make the main header more interesting, and ditch the flat cup shadows.

Good luck.


hi well indeed for me this is kind of equivalent with the frist version , so better that the intermediary one but , though, u failed to take your game to the next level when compared with the first rejected try … this is just about the same quality , u changed some composition item for some other and replaced good by good, the vuvuzelas were cool and the lights on the back are too , maybe that would be good to combine both , if u wanna give a try. Otherwise, the ain problem that i have is that the banners keep on being very flat in my view and the typo and typo combinations are this just clean but also very flat too … however the last version was really way better and evolved in the right way for where u put the name of national teams the effect is good and should inspire u as to know what do with teh other flat banners … a little bit additional work and that should be it :slight_smile: just pay attention about recommendations and if u handle them well u will get approved in my view :slight_smile: