I want to update

Hi everybody,
I bought a license for Azura PageBulder extension for joomla, which I want to update, but it was removed from the site from then last year. I wanted to contact the developer to whom I left a message, but he does not answer.
Help me get in touch with him if it’s possible, it will be nice.

Unfortunately if the item has been removed from the marketpalce then there is nothing that can be done to re-access it

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Hi ,
No, it has not been removed from the market because it exists on https://cththemes.com/azura/, but to connect it requires a password. El even if you want to subscribe to a plan it does not work. Can not create an account.

I dont understand why you dont just contact developer of that template and ask what is a problem?

It’s not for want of having wanted to contact the develloppeur. But I did contact him on the site, but I received no response from him. And on the site that I indicated in my previous post, it is impossible to create an account to subscribe to a plan.