Question about one of purchased product


A few months ago, I bought this product -

I came back to codecanyon yesterday and can see that the author account is disabled.

Now the question is shall I use the product I’ve purchased or not? Coz I don’t know the reason why author is banned.

I don’t know if my purchased product contains some malware or maybe some other reason.

Envato can you pls show message to buyers like me the reason of product removal so I can be sure of using product in live.



Open a envato help ticket they would like to assist your to solved your issue.


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Thanks, I will do that. But as you are a moderator can you reply it here? As creating a support ticket and getting a reply from support will take time.?

Anyways I will open a support ticket and in the meantime it will be great if someone from your team or you answers this here.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Envato forum is not any of item support providing support but here is lots of expert people they can help you to solved your issue.

you can get idea why their item is disable

some of issues can disable any of item author account like copyright claim DMCA etc.