I want to make a faster website. But I am afraid about best web hosting and plan.


I am now using godaddy server. It’s not the best I think.

I will make a website. Where regular visitor will be nearly 100K and it should be very fast.

Can you please suggest what plan should I use and yes, what web hosting should I choose. I am really confused because no site gives me real data about “Best Web Host”. Most probably because of AD.


How much you can spend? Depends on that as well.


To be honest. I am not really afraid about “$”

I need a host that can handel -

  • 100K - 200K Visitors a day (Average Stay time: 30+ Min) . Also say if it is 1M Visitors!
  • User Registration and Login system
  • Large amount of database tables & PHP
  • And Ya Faster speed.. As fast as possible

These are the minimum requirement. Please tell me now. What should I do…


If you are getting into serious hosting solutions with bigger budgets then there are a ton of considerations and really requires a degree of quite specialist knowledge because of all the options and configuration.

I have to ask - a website that generates in excess of 100k daily traffic and you don’t have a dedicated IT solution expert or team?

That would be where I’d start because that is a lot of pissed off people of something breaks and you don’t have the resource to fix it.


It depends where you have put your site on Goddady?
It is not a same if you have shared hosting or VPS server.

Can you send me link from site on private message?


Godaddy is indeed complete garbage - good example of how marketing is sometimes enough to keep a business going.
I’ve been using Amazon S3 for a year or two, really satisfied. My website is static, but I believe you can host dynamic websites through Amazon Web Services. The nice thing is that they bill you by data transfered and storage, not just a flat rate like some other hosts. All the other hosts I tried before Amazon (including Godaddy) were complete garbage.
Good luck!

*I’ll also add that many well known companies use Amazon Web Services. Some of them use it to host their entire sites, others rely on it to serve data, or for back-end stuff.


you can use cloudfare and start to increase your RAM more and optimise some of the places to speed up.Try with newrelic which can guide you to speed the queries.