Go daddy for webhosting?

I was planning to get hosting on godaddy for a wordpress theme which i am planning to buy here. At first i thought i would go for arvixe then i visited their forum. And changed my mind.

So anyone with any experience on godaddy. I know there are many better hosting sites. But paypal is not really supported in my place. This is why i am going for the ones that supports my payment method. And thus decided to go with godaddy.

Any advice would be appreciated.

You can use godaddy for years until you get heavy traffic to your sites.

Presently I use Godaddy and bluehost.

Can you give an estimate of heavy? And does heavy traffic effects its quality? Thanks

Yes, it will affect your site if you have heavy traffic, but you can get dedicated server if have huge traffic.

Thanks :).

Just to let you guys know. I was planning to take the Ultimate package for a year.

For God’s sake no, AVOID GODADDY AT ALL COSTS. I have had really horrible experiences trying to serve large files with Godaddy - maybe if you don’t need to serve large files it’s not too bad, but for me, I had to go through several sites before settling on Amazon S3. Amazon S3 is fantastic for STATIC sites, but unfortunately it doesn’t do PHP or anything like that…and you only pay for the bandwidth you use - seriously, it’s awesome. I still use Godaddy for domain registration, but I feel like their webhosting is an unstable joke. Just my experience!

Large files would work for awhile and then they would just break and people would complain…


I’m hosting on GoDaddy currently … not a fan.

Depressing. At the moment i have quite few options. Options between arvixe and godaddy. I opted for godaddy.

Did you find something like this? https://www.siteground.com/web-hosting.htm

Don’t be. When traffic gets higher go for VPS

I’ve had a horrible time with GoDaddy as well and would steer clear of them. Honestly though, like most things - you get what you pay for. Cheap hosting is just that - cheap.


We run our own hosting company and we’ve had a LOT of clients switch from GoDaddy.

Their services are a joke.

You’ve so many limitations and restrictions that it makes for a bad professional experience.

No instant backups, instead, you wait in queue for your backups to be completed when ‘requested’.

A real hosting environment would not queue you, instead, you download a backup when and as needed.

They stuff their servers with clients, too many for individual servers.

Most their clients will abuse their shared environments, causing your website to slow down a lot.

All in all, I’d personally recommend avoiding them and all their unnecessary promotional antics.

Depending on what exactly you’re looking for, I could make some suggestions based on your needs.

Exactly. Do you have a link to your hosting company?

Which hosting service do you use at the moment?

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All the best in your decisions!

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I just hate this hosting. Thanks god I never choose it at the first place.

I am new with hosting. I dont have any site. I just wanted to get a portfolio site up.

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