Looking for wordpress theme for technology consulting company to use on godaddy windows hosting

Hi there,

I’m looking for a wordpress theme to purchase, I have hosting economy hosting with GoDaddy on windows platform. I need windows platform coz I’m developing some demo apps using .net etc.

Anyhow core point is if someone can suggest:

  • wordpress theme for windows hosting on godaddy
  • ability to have blog page and ability to add html code in blog page

It is simple 4-5 page website, like Home | About Us | Service | Blog | Contact Us page

Looking forward for expert advise and get this going. Thanks in advance.


Hello @parvchana

Almost any WordPress theme can work on Godaddy.

and Almost every theme has a Blog page and ability to add HTML code into the Blog post (This is a WordPress feature though and not a theme feature)


Thanks for your reply. I tried one theme called “Jupiter” and ran into issue (now requested for refund). Reason was that we were unable to install the theme because it need upgrade of some libraries and had issue with it, and I could’t moved to Linux.

Having said that, is there way that I can download a theme and test it in my environment before I make a purchase? How we can do a trial?

Thanks for your help.


Hello Parv,

Unfortunately, there is no trial feature here for the themes.

And, mostly if the themes don’t install on a server, 99% issue is with the server PHP memory limits. If you ask your Hosting Provider to increase the server memory limits, then the theme should be installed successfully.

we had long discussion with godaddy etc but no success because we are using shared hosting. At end of the day, my requirement is very simple and need a simple website. I’m finding it very difficult to make it happen.

It is also very unfortunate that I can do it do trial.

Unfortunately the trial thing is a challenge because the themes are created, owned and hosted by authors and a functional trial set up is a bigger job to activate (on the scale of envato traffic) than it seems, and even then these tend not to supply files to install on a 3rd party host anyhow.

While WP can be used on a Windows server it’s almost always going to be more complicated esp on a shared environment from someone like GoDaddy.

I am pretty sure that you may end up with the same issues you had with Jupiter (which FYI is a highly regarded theme) when trying others too. It sounds more like a hosting obstacle than the theme.

Could you setup a separate hosting package using Linux for the purpose of the blog site and link through from there to the other activity?

But why always godaddy? In our opinion is one of the worst hosting ever… Try something else, always cheap is not good.

If you purchase a theme to build your site and that server is bad, small limits for upload, etc and hosting company don’t want to rise this, is not a theme issue. Move to other company because you can’t build any site there.

The example, many themes are small, not bloating but are using page builder and other plugins and your server can’t install-activate, so you can’t use that theme.

Because of bad server, you never know which theme will work.

Something else, our themes are cool with godaddy, i had clients without problems, other needed to rise upload size, they speak and fix that.

Also, you can try to add new rules in htaccess, sometimes this will fix and theme will work, but we tested with our themes.
Increase php limit size and php memory limit using htaccess

Good luck.

Out of interest what did godaddy say was the issue?

Thanks @charlie4282 @payothemes for your valuable feedback.

Regarding godaddy what they said, it was one of the developer I hired who talked to them and it was something related to libraries which need to be get upgraded and was not possible on share environment and those were required for the Jupiter theme I purchased.

On hosting company, what else you suggest? I’m not fully committed or need to be with godaddy.

Appreciate all your help.