Hosting for Wordpress Magazine site

I am looking for a hosting company for my wordpress magazine website.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,



You can try with site5:

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Thank you, i will keep your suggestion in mind.

You can check WPENGINE but its expensive.

Thank you for your suggestion. I am curious right now, why so expensive? Do you have personal experience with that company?

For magazines I think it’s the best solution quality / price .
If you have more than 2 million visitors per month I recommend you a dedicated solution like Amazon AWS (Complicate to install, but good services, PROFESSIONAL) / Wpengine (Good services but expensive) / Godaddy Dedicated Server (Good services, bad support - just phone support), Arvixe (Incredible support, normal prices) .


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Appreciate your answer @thezoc thank you

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Also if your magazine is international and for your protection I recommend you a CDN plan. Personally I use it : . Arvixe is very well optimized for it. Maxcdn is also verry good and professional like AWS, but expensive comparate with Cloudflare .
Here you find Themeforest recomandations hosting and vouchers/promotions offered by Envato : .

This Hosting very First Wordpress Magazine site -
Please check this

SKYPE : kazikamran2
MOBILE / Whatapp/ Viber/ +8801672844910

do you need setup or development ?
Looking forward to hear from you.


Yeah they specialize in WordPress hosting, very fast hosting. Yes i used for one of my client…WPENGINE is really good.

Yes it is very first

You could try

If you want help setting stuff up or migrating from old server, you can PM me.

I will keep that in mind. Our aim right now is local, but i am sure i am going to use your advice in the future.
Thank you very much for all your provided information

I already made a choice, thank you for your suggestion @LiquidServe

Thank you Kazi for your help.
I already made a choice and i have someone who will take care of setup and development.
Appreciate it a lot. Regards

I know a great hosting company for wordpress magazine web . You can contact at 01663811388

i like it too. thank you so much :smiley:

Thanks :smiley:

I use siteground and never had any problems.
They have 3 plans for wordpress hosting.

The support is really amazing, most of the time if something is wrong with your website and you ask them what is going on, even if the problem don’t come from them but from wordpress or a plugin on your website, they will tell you what to do to fix it or a lot of time they will fix it for you and then tell you all the details of what was wrong and what they did to fix it.

I have this link here that you can check (it’s my affiliate link) so if you use it, you have a discount and I receive a month free of hosting which help me keep my fees lower.