Walkthrough about the process of buying and hosting wordpress theme.

I was planning to buy a themeforest wordpress theme for business purpose. I am basically looking for advice on should i approach. I mean i never hosted any site before. So i am quite new to this.
From what i understand the process i would have followed :

  1. Make account at wordpress.com. Or should it be wordpress.org for themeforest wordpress theme?
  2. Buy hosting service.
  3. Then host the theme.

So basically this is what i know. And i dont know any details. So any tutorial/link/video suggestion for the whole process would be nice.

Thank you for reading.

Yes you will need hosting, for a starter something like hostmonster / godaddy / bluehost will do (cheap, but be prepared to move them at some point when you get fed up of the poor service)

Most hosts come with WordPress auto installation, you then can just login to the admin panel and install the theme.

If you think you’re going to struggle. it might be worth paying someone to do it for you, you can find a link to the theme installation service when you buy a theme, it’s $50 for this service. This will give you someone who will install the theme for you and set it up.

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Thank you for your response. What do you think about Arvix for web hosting? In one of their pricing they wrote website domain maximum 6 and for other service its unlimited.

What does it mean? Does it indicate number of webpages of a site a person can host?
I mean like home, about, contact etc. Sorry for the silly question. But i just would like to understand everything from those who are experienced before buying any service.

Arvixe are well regarded but I have never used them

Domain maximum means you can have 6 websites running on the account, e.g. website1.com, website2.com etc

There is no limit to how many pages your website can have, the limits relate to the amount of “memory” your website has for when visitors come to the website. Each visit uses a small amount of this

Thank you for helping me understand. As you are the only one replying :stuck_out_tongue: . I will disturb you with one last question.
To use the wordpress theme here do i need to register in wordpress.com or wordpress.org?

I checked out over the internet and i believe i should register in wordpress.org if i am not mistaking.

Update: I believe i got my answer.

You don’t have to register with anybody. Just buy a hosting service and install wordpress for your domain and you are ready to go.

Ok I am planning to buy hosting service from Godaddy. They have linux hosting and windows hosting. Does it matter which one i can get?
Can you guys suggest any?

Basically the questions i am asking were all answered here in the forum earlier in the old forum.
But now i can’t seem to find them due to the new forum. Thats why i am asking it.
Plus i feel its better to know from people who already used and experienced the products.


We also provide hosting services. We can help you with setting up WordPress and domain/hosting/email setup guidance as well. You can contact me through my themeforest profile and we can continue the conversation from there.

Personally, I prefer BlueHost because it’s just so damn easy to set up a WordPress site.


Go to GoDaddy if you want. Good luck with the confusion that will follow.

I also thought of bluehost at first but it doesn’t support the payment option via which i wanted to pay.
While arvixe and godaddy does. I thought of arvixe as envato suggested it but later went to their forum and saw very bad review from many new client.
Then as godaddy seemed on the market for a long time and sadly popular so decided to go with it.

Can you explain what do you mean by the confusion?

maybe he mean godaddy service is very much from domain name with hosting
I’ve try godaddy hosting, but the promo sometimes is not valid, blue host is more recomended from me :smile:

but if you looking for local indonesia web hosting you’ve to try
Qwords Surabaya beside the admin also available in english language for 24 hours :smiley: