Don't know how to install my theme template on to

If you have any helpful links or tips could you please let me know. For one I am confused about the difference between and my website runs on so would I have to use a program like adobe dreamweaver to get my website running and have it hosted by a website like BlueHost? or would I have to install my template into I am confused as to how to install the template if you have any video tutorials or helpful links please let me know?

**You cannot use TF themes on (**where they host it for you).

You need to own your own domain and hosting e.g. BlueHost, GoDaddy, MediaTemple etc.

Once you have this you can either install WordPress via the hosting admin (common with most generic hosts) or by downloading the WordPress files from and using FTP to add it to your site directory.

Once this is set up then you can install the TF theme either by downloading ‘Installable WordPress Files Only’ and uploading that Zip or by extracting the theme folder and adding it using FTP.

The file you have bought will also have a help file (in the ‘All Files and Documentation’) to help with theme specifics

So your saying I can host my website through bluehost or by downloading and installing wordpress files from wordpress.og? If I am using the files I downloaded from I would need to use a platform like dreamweaver to add it to my site directory?

You need:

  1. A domain (Any provider but it is MUCH easier if you buy the domain and hosting from the SAME provider)
  2. Hosting package (e.g. BlueHost)


  1. Opt 1: Use your hosting providers tools to Install WordPress (make sure it goes in the right directory on your site)

  2. Opt 2: Visit and download the WP files and use something like to connect to your website (FTP details in hosting admin) and complete the WP installation through that.

Dreamweaver is not a platform is is a software and is nothing to do with installing the theme.

While you could use it to edit the raw code behind the theme there is very unlikely to be a need to do so.

Perosnally I would advise you to email the author or visit and hire someone to install it for you. (once you have all the necessary things like domain and hosting)

I think with zero knowledge about working with wp, hosting, admins etc, for you the best option is hire someone on envato studio for example. You will have a big headaches and will lost a lot of time doing it by yourself. Probably every hosting offers the wp instalation inside the hosting admin, but then you have to go in wp admin and setup also the wp (themes and other things). It is not the one click thing.

So the system I need to run my WordPress website will be provided by the hosting company I choose like BlueHost for example? And after I pay my hosting fees I will be given a software that I can use to run my wordpress website?

WordPress is open source so not provided by the host - they may just have a quick installation for it to save you having to use from which is more complicated.

With all due respect if you are that unfamiliar with it then you will save yourself so much hassle hiring someone.

Just so you know WP themes do not come looking like the demo - you have to install dummy content for this. For around $50 on envato studio you will find someone who will install it and make it look like the demo for you

You can install the wp on your hosting inside the hosting admin. It is code not software.

If i get someone to run the website for me on envato studio and I need something later on in my website edited will I have to pay extra?

Your website and emails will be “run” by bluehost.

Someone from Envato Studio can help you “install and setup” WordPress and the theme on bluehost. Check out this service: for only $50

This will get you up and running with a website that looks like the theme “demo” that you purchased.

You can then login and make changes to the website. You will need to learn how to do this by reading the theme documentation and by reading the WordPress documentation. Once you get the hang of WordPress you can make changes to the website yourself.

Yes for some type of changes you will have to pay a professional web developer to perform them. If you need that type of service, please check out the WordPress customization area on Envato Studio:

Good luck and feel free to share your end result here with us.

It depends on what you agree with them but Studio projects tend to be one off work rather than retained development.

If you only hire someone to install it and add demo content then there is no obligation for them to complete more edits in the future