New To Wordpress - Help & Advice 😓

Hi All,

I started my marketing and design consultancy in 2015 using Duda Pro (drag and drop website reseller platform). Since then my inquiries have grown a lot. Normally when I create a site I design it completely from scratch and then build it in the website builder but I’m getting a lot more inquiries now and looking for a way to reduce time consumption.

I didn’t realise how much WordPress has evolved over the years that I have been designing through other software and it seems WordPress have a plug and play solution (buy theme, customise it on the visual builder thingy and sell it on) and thought that might be a better solution and more cost effective and don’t require much coding knowledge.

So in order to go down this route, are these the steps to actually create it:

  1. Buy the Theme
  2. Go to WordPress and by one of the plans (with one?)
  3. Install it and customize it

As I like this theme and the ‘how-to’ video looks straightforward but how do you get the initial platform for these themes and how does the hosting and domain setup work?

Also, my Duda solution had a good way that clients could log into their site via a white label CMS.


Lawrence Johnson

You/the client needs to have their own domain and hosting (NOT to install and use the themes.

You would be better to have the client buy the theme as of you part ways in the future and it’s bought from your account then they will not have access to any updates etc.

You can easily give a client access to the WP admin at different admin levels.