advice for multisite wordpress demo hosting



hi i’m looking for new / upgrade hosting that can contain many wordpress install for themeforest demo, here’s my list

site ground manage wordpress $29.95/mo
digitalocean $40/mo
linode $40 /mo
mediatempe manage wordpress $60/mo. <- maybe later :smiley:

anyone use siteground manage wordpress gogeeky $29.95/mo. how many wordpress demo install they can handle?


If you can manage your vps server alone I recommend you linode. I have the $40/month plan + $10 backup and it’s running smooth. I am with them for almost 2 years now and I can’t even compare them with what I had before. I had shared hosting from multiple companies (including godaddy :slight_smile: ) and vps servers but the linode one is really worth it.


I use ASmallOrange, it is very fast even with small VPS and not expensive considering speed, reliability and support.


thanks for answer, we’ve already hosting for development test
and looking for demo/production for separated hosting


I use SiteGround. They are good. Also try StableHost. I don’t have a live WP theme approved in TF, yet I have about 20+ WordPress sites in SiteGround.


wow 20, was great


I use DigitalBerg SSD VPS, checkout with yourself, the smallest VPS provided me 18GB RAM with 4 cores. I have around 25 Wordpress sites uploaded last year and still giving me 2.1 loading time - Just WOW.

You can also install xcache or opcache+APCu to make it more better performance.


Bluehost & Hostgator are great for hosting multiple websites on one account. You can read more hosting reviews and rankings here -


Would be really nice to see if there are coupon codes that I can use at Hostgator upon sign up. Anyone?


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