what is the best host plan for directory-listing website ?

hi just need some idea, if you guys have (directory-listing website) with 3,000 listing and (15,000 visitors per month) lets say the you make around 500$-1,000$ profits from it, what hosting plan will you guys use ?
1-Shared Hosting
2-Cloud Hosting
3-WordPress Hosting

cheers and thanks in advance


In my opinion, a VPS is a good choice for any big/major websites.

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Have fun getting DDoS’d by some kids. Use shared hostings, they’re mostly protected from big companies against DDoS (hardly protected, let’s pronounce it that way).

Imagine, you have 50+ projects on CC and you live from that money. Some kids or haters start DDoS’ing you and it’s shut down for a few days, that could hurt you badly.

And Windows / Linux VPS’ are really easy to DDoS. They’re not really protected or connected to any good firewalls like shared hostings are.

Just notice it. VPS are good for softwares and servers (NODE.JS, Java, C#…), but not for any website directory-listings.

IPTables aren’t even too a good protection for that. Or do you know any VPS hosting plans where DDoS protection is included? Comparing the prices of space and traffic, is it compareable with shared hostings plans and pricings?

In my opinion :man_technologist:t3:

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