Avoid GoDaddy.. also please recommend a better domain registrar

Hey there!

I’ve never had a problem with GoDaddy for years, but now things have changed. Maybe they became too large, I don’t know. Long story short:

  • I had a domain name which I wanted to let go after expiration.
  • I couldn’t disable auto-renew, the site didn’t allow me. " Well, that’s a bummer. This product cannot be canceled at this time. Please contact our customer service team for more information."
  • They charged me on a saturday, so I can’t reach any support to get a refund
  • They don’t have any ticket / email / live chat support anymore. You’ll have to call them. If you’re lucky, they have a support phone in your country. If not, you’ll have to pay extra to call a international number and prepare to be on hold for a while.
  • After an hour search I was able to find a “feature” called ownership protection and domain lock. After removing them I was able to cancel auto-renew.

They clearly made it super hard to cancel a domain renewal or request a refund. This is not OK.

Luckily the payment was made via PayPal, I already opened an issue and I’ll probably get my money back.

So now I’m leaving them. Could you please recommend me a good domain registrar which has proper (not phone) support and a correct domain manager interface?


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I had similar issue so transferred the domains to Hostgator and I’m happy with their service

I think, Bluehost is the best hosting provider. :slight_smile:

That’s cool, but I’m still looking for a domain name registrar. :slightly_smiling_face:

https://www.whois.com/ has pretty cheap domain registration and a really nice control panel.

As a person who worked with hosting/domain industry for 10+ years, I can share some suggestions with you…

First of all, services like GoDaddy and HostGator should be avoided because it’s more than clear they spend more money/efforts on marketing (to lure new clients) and shady tactics (to force clients paying for every extra, which is offered for free by reputable companies) instead of spending money/efforts to offer a better service (which wouldn’t be that much profitable).

I had very good experience with Reseller Club and Internet.BS. Both of them had great pricing and extras like free whois protection, etc. Needless to say, their control panels were much easier to work with than GoDaddy. However, keep in mind that I used to register about 1.000+ domains with these companies, so my criteria might be different than yours.

The main advantage for me was powerful API and barebone control panel (with no bloatware like GoDaddy), so if you used to like GoDaddy’s interface, you might not like control panels offered by these companies (especially Reseller Club) because they offer totally different user experience.

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Then, you should check Hostinger or Ipage site also. :slight_smile: