I want to help you download this file, and it is approved in the market

Hi, I want to help you download this file

  1. What to delete in that file
    2 - Is it suitable for loading and selling
    3 - How much is the market size in megabytes
    4 - Waiting for your assistance, greetings

hi i think that u have an issue of lay out in a general way as different part of the flyer are kind of unbalanced … the sideways look pretty empty and the global central part is sort of crammed … especially the central and footer sections by the way …

u need to have more effort as regard to the typo in a general way , to have something a bit more original if possible and to combine fonts more too . the proportion between texts is not satisfying at this stage i know that hierarchy implies that u make some element prevail more than others but not this much lol

i think that the present in the lower part is a bad idea that bring more trouble fr u to organize space rather than any other thing …

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If you download it, it will be rejected
What file size ?? I have 130 MB

There’s no file size limit mentioned on the Knowledgebase, so in guessing it’s not an issue.

A few things I should add about the artistic choices, the balloons and confetti look like clip art. The lowered opacity on the balloons also doesnt look very good. I’d also try having more things going on, and more colour, since this is for a kids birthday part, it should look like it’s targeted towards kids, right now it looks a bit too “mature”, though with that being said, you don’t want it to be so cluttered that it distracts from the information.

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this looks mature? are u kidding me buddy?! as i mentioned there are a whole lot of things to reproach to this item but the target is far beyond all the rest sorry to say just this … i do not mean this cannot be improved this side but if he takes care of the rest this is very likely that if he handles what i recommended rather well he would end up with doing the right thing …

i try to explain a whole lot of things in details and u end up “finding the solution” in the more superficial things that xioxgraphix told u ? this has to be a joke … some guys sometimes can be felt as helpless …

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Dude, I’m pretty sure you’re misunderstanding my used of “mature”. And no need to get upset, he also sent me a private message where I went into more detail about everything.

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