I want to create multipurpose wordpress theme to sale here?

Hello ,
I want to invest in multipurpose wordpress theme and sale it here. Need someone with knowledge and who can help me do it. Please let me know your views on it. Thank you.

What are you actually looking for here? Need a developer or designer what else?

i need someone who can develop wordpress multipurpose theme for me.

So you can sell it here?!

If you can’t code then how are you planning on supporting it? Updating it? Bug fixing?

i do have a team but as per my last experience my last html template was rejected i would like to know how to follow the standard of themeforest. this was my last item that was rejected http://demo.sagetechnolab.com/shopping-theme/..so i need help to know the criteria for the theme or plugin development by working with experienced one.

The thing is there’s no value for a developer to help you, unless you have something to offer in return.

The alternative is to pay a developer to create something for you to sell but:

A) you need a realistic (thousands of $) budget

B) I still think if your team need instructing on delivering best practice design and code, then there is a big risk that they will struggle supporting or updating someone else’s work

ok thanks for the advice