i want know why my graphic item rejected? I think it is unfair

Hi guys
My new design has been rejected and I want to know why, I think it is unfair

They rejected it after three hours of uploading my file! why???

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  • Typography and font choices are not great

  • There all sorts of alignment and padding/margins going on

  • in reality the profile photo would be tiny

  • having the little version on the back of the same as on the front is unnecessary


Thanks for the reply

I have a few questions,
Could you tell me more clearly which part is not in proper padding/margins?

And the next question, the last one you said, I think is a matter of taste. Is this the law?

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In some of the mock ups the contact info slogan and web address do not look quite right but either way the profile image and copy below it definitely does not align with the rest of the content

The little image, like anything, is subjective but I still think it is unnecessary

This is a super competitive category and any design needs to be modern, unique and pixel perfect in execution


hi I am sorry to say just this but indeed, this sort of thing u can find it in a free websites over the internet. The fact of the matter is that there are are more negative things than positive ones quite frankly … let’s get into deeper details
1- spacing
there is much to do about it. This is not a small issue as this is a basic design principle. Hard to understand why are things positioned this way , the varying space between elements and so on, why is the logo having such a very stuck little gap between illustration and text and so on and so forth …
2- alignment
another basic design principle being messed up with … why isn’t the text and illustration of the logo not aligned properly? why in the information side the logo is not aligned on the left with the personal information? hard to determine indeed but the result is crystal clear , the template and the corporate item simply does not reach the target in the end … pls see next point
3- corporate item + template mean disciplined organization
as regard to the very nature of the items are simply expected to arrange things as perfectly as it gets, besides, u can even adapt the content to make sure of this , so basically there is not way out from either respecting basic design principles and having everything as professional as possible all the way
4- global style
basically enough there iOS not so much graphic design out there at the moment, and I would recommend that u simply push the envelope in an attempt to be able to offer something a bit more original in the process > right now, if u analyze what’s included in the main zip file, well u have texts, basic shapes a circled image placeholder and a collection of basic icons, the bottomline is that I consider this as rather insufficient to generate interest from buyers … pls see next point
5- commercial potential
I started to evoke just that just above … th fact of the matter is that for a buyer to feel like buying u have to make sure that he or she feels like they will save some time out of buying - while this is not really what happens here … - or make sure that what u are offering is enabling them to get something beyond their personal design skills, what u have not really managed to do here to say the least, so that ultimately the global interest that people may feel clearly is going down … basically enough , too, why would a reviewer accept a file that is felt as being having so very little commercial potential in the first place indeed?
6- global organization
well this is quite basic and usual in the first place but , in the meanwhile, there is an issue of element positioning indeed. Look in the data side , for instance, there is a huge gap between the block of text and the image holder …so that the thing doers not look good , especially when the thing is being paired with a big gap between the logo and the block of text and close to no space at all between the concerned block of text and the footer shape
7- typo
I am sorry but font combinations simply do not work, they are neither aesthetic nor really valuing texts so that they can pop out, the overall typo is not homogenous at this stage as in diverging styles why putting the company name in such a bulky font? why adding it to a logo where is completely another type of font and shy not putting the name in the logo in the first place, there are a lot of questions to be answered indeed …
8- coherence
I am not sure what u tried to do in the background but I really have no idea what these lined stand for and in addition they are not even being echoed in the other side which simply makes the thing look incomprehensible
9- misbalance
the two rounded shapes in both sides are not only not bringing anything to the table as such but they introduce some lethal misbalance in the design at the same time … if the thing may look sort of tolerable in the data side where there are los of others things , the broken balance is super easy to identify in the other side where there is close to nothing at all …
10- “b-side”
I am always wandering if this worth the drive having a 2-sided card when there is so very little in one of the side , especially as regard to the fact that the logo is not impressive visually and does not really “sell the design” to say the least …
11- logo
if I were I would consider spending some time to create a professional looking logo that will take the item to the next level rather than contributing to flatten it and bringing some misbalance into it , just like the one u have at this stage …

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Thanks for the explanation.
I try to make the next design better.
You criticized the design for everything, did the design have a positive point ?!

if u do not want people to point what they see honestly , this is better not to post and ask … positive is harmony of colors and the attempt to bring something nicely presented in mockups

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I did not mean that,
I’m definitely looking for a problem with not being accepted, and I also wanted to know the positives of my design.

Thank You

so I tell just how I feel so that u can be as successful as possible, think out of the box and do not hesitate to put a bit more inside what u do rather than not enough , it think it will really push u forward :slight_smile:

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I want to send this design.
Do you think it is accepted or not ??
please tell. Thanks

True, it’s to basic, no HQ design and creativity.
These can be downloaded for free on various sites.
Improve your skills and creativity.
Good Luck.

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