I purchased subscriptions and on the same day I took a message your subscription has expirered

I purchased premium subscriptions on 16 january 2022 and on the same day I took a message your subscription has expirered. I got too many work I have to do , I couldn’t answer from help center. How can I solve this log in problem ? İs there anyone know, if I can’t solve, can I took the payment back?

This was October so 3 months ago. Are you only trying to address it now?

The second email suggests that after you paid the payment was refunded or reversed which led to the email about the subscription being canceled.

It is impossible to say if they returned the purchase or if it is in your envato account as credit but the only people who can advise if elements support Envato Market Help and Support. When did you try and contact them?

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How october I couldn’t understand? It was yesterday. 16 january 2022. I purchased yesterday and I didn’t canceled. Yes I tried to reach help center. But they say reply will given in 5 days . 5 days too much. If I canceled wrongly will they make payment back completely and can I purchase again?

Sorry I mis-read the date not in English

Unfortunately, only support will be able to resolve and clarify this but there was clearly some kind of refund or reversal that caused the subscription to be canceled. Usually, they can respond faster than 5 days (weekends excluded).

I had got an refund bill . But there is no payment back. I called my bank they said there is a refund account examination but there is no refund. I hope they respond as soon as posibble. Thank you so much.

I don’t use Apple. :frowning:

xrivertheme123 via Envato Forums <envato@discoursemail.com>, 17 Oca 2022 Pzt, 13:50 tarihinde şunu yazdı:

Hello Elif, did they refund you ? I have the same problem