I lost all my acccess

I have subscription till January 25. This months i have to pause my subscription, but Envato tried to charge me on January 15. Thats why i decided to cancel my subscription. Well back in March. On cancellation page i read:
What will happen after I cancel?

Between now and the date your subscription would have renewed:

  • Your current subscription will still be valid.
  • You can continue downloading and creating new licenses.
  • There will not be any pro-rata refunds.

But after cancelling, Envato stopped my account, i am not able to download nothing, it could be valid till January 25. I dont refunding anything, i just want to keep my valid dates, which i paid for it. Please help me.


Please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to help.


i contacted, but still no answers. It`s really urgent

please keep patience they will reply as quickly they can.

Are you 100% sure your subscription ends on the 25th and not the 15th? When did it start? While they may charge you a day or maybe two before your subscription renews, I’ve never heard of anyone being charged ten days prior.

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Yes, i`m sure. I paid on December 25, i dont know why they tried to charge me before January 25. After cancellation, they stopped all my access.

Not too sure then I’m afraid. Hopefully support will get back to you soon and get it sorted.

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Still waiting for support team`s answer… :upside_down_face: