I purchased HTML theme: what now?


I just purchased a complete HTML theme. I realised I have no idea what to do next. I have found fastcomet & filezilla. Is there any easy step guide how to integrate the template somewhere to start building my customised website? Thanks…

Filezilla is just an app that allows you to connect to your server, where you would upload your website in the future, after all editing is done locally.
Not sure what do you mean by “what’s next ?”, probably you may want to open HTML files and start editing them, adding your own text & images, logos and so on. You may hire a frontend developer to do this, or you may do it on your own, because editing an existing HTML is not really complicated.

Install a code editor such as Sublime Text or Visual Studio Code, open HTML files that you have purchased, and start editing them.
Once you’re ready, purchasea domain & hosting and upload your files there.

If you need any help you can contact me.

Thanks for the reply! I just downloaded VSCode as it was free (sublimetext 80usd)…

Is there a way to send private messages here?

Sublime’s license is similar to WinRar’s license - free unlimited trial.
But sure, VSCode is good too.
You can send direct messages via themeforest profile .
link: https://themeforest.net/user/drunkpixelthemes

Or we may keep discussion here so it will possibly be useful for other users too.

From my understanding, I need:

  • Filezilla
  • Host (Fastcomet?)
  • Sublimetext/Visual studio
    Would you also recommend to use wordpress.org?

I want to be able to as easy as possible customise the complete html template I just bought.
Speed and flexibility are my goal for the website.

I appreciate your response very much! :))

You will need lots of research and tutorials to be able to customize your HTML template, you will need also to know how to coding with CSS and HTML, at least the basics. I advice you to use a service like Wix.

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