I need your opinion - Rejected Audio

Hi guys,
I Usually accept anything from envato’s claims for rejection items,(video and audio)
but lately i feel like the “other guy” just don’t care and barely listens to the tracks im uploading,
the same routine “This item does not meet the general commercial…” over and over again.

So this is for the “other guy”:
After almost 30 years as a musician and 22 years of video editing+After effects compositing
after more than 1000 projects and tracks’ I think I kinda know what is comercial enough
and what is not.
sadly, I quietly accept 99% of your rejections.
but this audio is definitely commercial. its obvious.
you can say anything else bout anything in this track but to claim it not comercial… its a joke.


Please help me see what i’m not seeing…
Seriously forum guys,
tell me anything, say its boring, to simple, mix wise, bash me with your worst opinions
but please tell me if its comercial or…

I just got another video item approved, so you can hear/see it in context
with a simple video use.

Audiojungle is in need for better review system.
best out of 3, a second opinion system etc.
Im imagining a hardcore music lover reviewing this track… :slight_smile:

Please HELP!

I am gonna be honest, I am new here, and i got all my tracks rejected so far, but here is what i see/hear:

Reading the title i expected a soft piano, imo it’s way to loud and harsh, and sounds a bit too much quantized. maybe 3,4 velocity changes make it more humanized, and a note moved forward or back here and there. But for me it’s definatly too much ‘in your face’

But i like the track

2 chords can also sound commercially. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • Audiojungle according to the rules should not accept solo instrumental composition, in addition to the composition layout itself, it is boring, a simple sketch, the instrument itself has a terribly unpleasant sound, the bass progression 0:23 I treat as a compositional error.

  • The song has no depth, no reverb, nothing happens here, the composition itself is very amateur, the drums in the second part are not needed or expected at all.

Changing velocity parameters and humanization is not going to do anything here, it’s just a badly composed “song”, a sketch in my opinion.

It seems to me, drawing knowledge from the top platforms, that if you are already deciding on solo compositions, you should take care of the best quality of the main instrument, this sounds like some stock plugin from 2008, with the sustain pedal off.

  • In addition, there is a lack of any noisescapes, atmosphere, accents, even quiet subdrops and noise sweeps, may even be tempted by orchestral percussion with the addition of some drum pattern for climax section (the track is not going anywhere now, it’s static)


About mix, there is nothing to judge here, domination of 300 - 1000hz frequencies + a lot of resonances.

  • As for the video item, in my opinion, the song does not attract the promotion, it pushes you away rather quickly.

Critical opinion, but I could not write anything else, I would start from learning composition and determining instrumentation based on top songs.

  • if I would recommend any piano library, i would say “Noire” or “Omnisphere Keyscape” for more positive songs “Piano in Blue”.

Good luck :wink:

Thank you for your honesty
everything you wrote is noted!
from the title to the harmony and mix!

thanks again!

Thank you for your honesty
Its a bit harsh but i get what you say,
i disagree with many things, maybe because of my music references
and the fact that as a video editor sometimes you need something super super
simple and monotonic to edit, leaving space in the mix for talking
and not too much “composition”. (i actually tried it and it worked well.)
but your opinion matters.

thanks again!

I sent you a link in private message that you could listen to the composition at the highest level

Cheers mate!
appreciate it!

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