I need some advice/guidance - I`m busy learning brand new skills.

Hi Guys

I have am carrying around this burning question for months now :slight_smile: I hope someone can give me some clarity.

I have Zero design skills - my experience with adobe is pretty much zero as well.
Yes there are tutorials and I will be starting on these as soon as possible.
My initial idea was and still is to learn as I go along , so lets take this brochure design for example Design Example

So in terms of the requirements I will need In-design and Illustrator

The brochure also comes with a help file as all of them do.
Will I be able to edit a document like this by relying on the help file ?
Keeping in mind this would be me first time ever using Adobe
Or would i need a basic course ?

This was one of the reasons i decided to sighn up for Envanto Elements - I thought/hoped I could just wing my way through this way learn as I go.

Am I wrong ? What do you guys recommend ?


Help files don’t usually include step by step tutorials on how to use items, but rather give some guidance on possible issues. When using any template, you will be expected to know at least the basics of the program, such what each of the tools in the toolbar do, how to save things correctly, what layers are, etc.

Some templates, like the one you linked to, support different programs so you can use the one you’re most comfortable with. You don’t HAVE to know both InDesign and Illustrator, you can just use one to use this template, or even neither as it also supports an up to date version of the Microsoft Office suite.