Is it possible to design in photoshop and import to indesign

Like designing magazines

From college, I remember it’s doable

However, I’ve not touched anything beyond basic PS in years and years

I have the best luck finding out how to do items such as your attempting via a Google search, then click the videos tab

Sorry I can’t be of more assistance

But as No one had answered you at all, thought I’d let you know that it is in fact possible

Cheers :beers:

There may be work arounds but best practice would say to use the tools and files for what they were intended, as mixing options may result in something snot be possible etc

There are plenty of magazine files for sale on envato that are created using just Photoshop

Thanks, I appreciate it. I figured I could practice designing in photoshop then importing it in InDesign to see how it turns out.

But thanks again!

Awesome thank you. I’ll check those out!


It is possible, but I do not remember how. Decided to support morally)