Need a few guidelines :)



Hello! I am new to Photoshop and I study Print & Graphic design at ITAcademy in serbia. I found “envato” interesting and fun. Since i have finished my Photoshop Course, i am determined to start working on “envato”. What i really need to know is if i can:

  1. Create a service like this and how? >
  2. Can I do so on envato market or is the market only for template like files? I mean if i have a few photos like the one on that profile, can i post it on market and say like “I do this and that” and then talk it out with the client for sending me images to work with?
  3. As i am new to this i have no idea how to start at the moment since all the information on “what, where and how” i can do got messed up in my head. I would like you to guide me on how to start working from simple selections to greater projects…
    P.S. I do not ask of you to teach me on how to use photoshop or anything. I already have basic knowledge and just need that small amount of information on how do i show what i can do.
    Best Regards!!!


You can’t offer services like envato studio. Those providers are hand picked and invited by envato to take part.

You need to think about templates, logos, brochure/magazine/print layouts, graphics etc. etc. That you are most comfortable creating.

Just look through the categories on Graphicriver or you could even look at building a website PSD template for Themeforest.

Basically envato is for selling created items rather than offering freelance services.

Most importantly you need to have clear expectation of what is involved in submitting files here and what is realistically achievable.


  • you have to have some degree of passion behind what you do.
  • Focussing on earning and quick sales is the worst attitude to have and will cause more harm than good.
  • it’s harder than it looks and is a market for PROs with generally higher standards than many other similar sites.


Thank you for your answer.
BUT… you had me mistaken in a part there…
It is not that i am going for quick sales. It is as you said a freelance service… So i went searching for something of that kind and found UpWork really nice to work on… Since i have just finished learning Photoshop tools and selections was the first thing to learn about, was thinking i could get usefull from the 1st thing i learn and get experience of tools one by one by actually working… So i shall leave that for UpWork for now…
AS FOR LATER i am sure to come here for posting vector stocks and other graphic design material… I find your community interesting in many ways.
SO the right question now would be, or maybe my statement of understanding is that when i, in near future, learn to create high quality photos of various kind i could create a portfolio on photodune, or vectors for graphicriver… With a little research i now see what you offer… Hope to fly in back here soon :slight_smile: Best regards!


Well, when you feel you’ve arrived at that point, come and share your work with the community :slight_smile:

They will be the best judge of whether or not your work has what it takes :smiley: