Is including help files obligatory?

I just registered on envato market. I’m planning to upload a template. I read the general file preparation and I saw I must include a help file in the form of pdf or html. I was wondering if I should do this with all files and the document should always look in a different way.

Is there any easy way to create such a help file? I’m not quite sure what to include. The template is created with Adobe Muse if this matters.

Yes it is - you won’t even be reviewed without it.

You can try this

Should the help file be uploaded in the same folder as the website pages or it can simply be put in the .zip separately?

As long as it’s in the download folder somewhere it don’t matter - most people would keep it separate from the actual site source files

I’m sorry I have one more question is preview image set something optional?

no its also required - basically if there’s a field for something in the upload hen you should include it

I’m from Bulgaria I was wondering if I can skip submitting the tax information form?? I read the help files but I couldn’t understand if I could skip that.

Is this possible?

it’s your choice!

no W-8 form:

  • 28% US Backup Withholding Tax on all your worldwide sales
    W-8 form withhout your Bulgaria Tax ID:
  • 30% US Royalty Withholding Tax on US sales only
    W-8 form with your Bulgaria Tax ID:
  • 5% US Royalty Withholding Tax on US sales only