ASK- Need help for brochure - indd main file

Hi there! I have did a brochure template here is the link:

I didn’t submit it yet. Should i add images to main file? What should i place for image areas?
And what do u think about this design?

When I did flyers in Photoshop, I added an empty smart object layer with just text saying “your image here.” You can’t include images that you don’t own the copyright of in the download, so leaving spaces for images should be fine in the download file.

Am I have to upload all images? I dont want give my images. And should i add that images links in help file?

I said you don’t have to upload images that are used as examples only, and you CAN’T upload images that you don’t own the copyright of. If you want to, you can put links in the help file.

Thanks for reply. I have another question: Other authors says,“easy to color edit.” How its being easy? Its not PSD. Which way i should use for that?