I need help with rejected track

Hello everyone!
I cant understand what wrong with audiojungle.
Could you tell me please what wrong with this track? (It submitted on [word removed] by the way).
I Remake this track i cant remember how much times. Asking for review with forums colleagues. When everyone said that the track is ready, I send to submit but they still did not accept it!
Please help me to submit my first track on this platform!

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Hey Boris,

That other place you mentioned usually accepts most of the tracks that are uploaded. Not the case with Audiojungle. This marketplace is very picky about which items are approved for sale.

About your track. The piano sounds too boxy and mono (lack of stereo spread). Also the fade out at the end of the track is not what you’d usually find in stock music.

Overall I liked your composition, but I see how it could be rejected, based on the issues I pointed out.

Best of luck!

Okay thanks!
I appreciate your time and I keep it in mind in next my works.
I understand that other platforms are more loyal for producers.
But it very frustrating, when cant upload at least 1 track for 2 years of work :slight_smile:.

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My guess would be some rough elements in the mix and a somewhat monotonous general tone and dynamic. The 16th-note piano arpeggios pretty much repeat for the entire song… anything that goes on without much change for 2 or 3 straight minutes will tend to bore a listener unless they’re specifically looking for a trance type song. Fortunately you break it up with a very short solo piano section, but there could be more variety… maybe a section with only drums, or a sudden stop and then strings coming in with arpeggios, building with piano, and then drums again.

The drum sounds lost and too faint… did you try an insert effect compressor on just the drums, or send all percussion to a drum bus with compression on that bus? Start with a ratio of 3 :1, attack 5 or 6ms, release 180ms. Then push the makeup gain until the drum sounds punchy. Also look up parallel compression and try a squashed drum track mixed with the main one. Try panning all your instruments to left and right levels keeping only piano and drums in the middle.

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Well thank you! Regarding the arrangement, I will keep in mind in my next works.
About the sound of the drums. I wanted to keep some kind of softness and liveliness in the sound picture, to convey feelings. And don’t beat the bass drum in the face