I need help my

I recently submitted my logo and it was hard rejected and I’d like to know why
Uploading: wireless-logo-template-VIEW.png…

Uploaded image is broken.

Don’t get me wrong but this is the starter level of logo design.
You’re in primary school and the people who’s selling logo’s are university graduated. You need to work hard and long to get the items approved.

I submitted these and was also harshly rejected

Same. Old style design approach.

Thank you for your feedback and patience… what should I do to improve my future logo templates?

You’re a beginner designer. Before submitting any item to GR, you need to study/practice at least 9-10 months. If you keep uploading items and keep getting rejection, your account may be disabled at some point.


Sadly these logos are just far too simple - with no disrepect intended, you either need to look at logos online that people are selling and better them, or think about a new career. I know that sounds awful for me to say, but these are designs that people can find free online. Whilst you might feel that the rejections are harsh, the truth is that these logo designs are just not up to it.

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Thank you for your feedback, your tips answered my question about what I should do to improve… thank you