This Is what I was emailed after my first upload of a logo templete ....

scrnli_2_12_2024_11-44-22 PM

Hard rejections don’t get detailed feedback - you can share the preview here and may get more answers

scrnli_2_13_2024_12-59-22 AM.png

This was emailed to me…kindly guide me a little please …my graphic quality was already perfect…is there anyone who could give me a full tutorial?

We meant preview of the design you submitted.

No one will be able to teach how to design/submit but there are very experienced authors here like @DesignSomething @ki-themes @flyerlicious etc. Who might be able to offer advice once you share the design

thank you
here is the preview of my logo

There’re much better “free” logos on the internet, I don’t want to be rude or anything but with this design approach, you won’t get any approval. This is a beginner level of “logo design”

i wont mind thank you for your concern

can you give me some examples like what i should design a logo ?

I like the idea but the logo it self looks not very professional.
I think the name Ninja turtle is also a trademark.

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okay thank you… i will practice more an ill show you my next logo before uploading …

hello there i have got another rejection …any advices?

Same… It’s not something you could manage in a week or month. You need to practice a year at least to get better ( professional ) to get approval on the marketplace. These are beginner level designs.

ok thank you for your suggestions