My logo hard rejected (((

I have uploaded logos several times, but have received hard rejections.
Changed the description, preview, typography, do not accept anything :thinking:
Tell me, what am I doing wrong?

hi for me this looks rather nice , however I think that some of the previews do not really value your work and item , especially due to a lack contrast. I also tend to believe that the R and S in the illustration are not well connected with the text part and that this is breading a discrepancy, which “damages” harmony a bit

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See "Tips for Designing Logo Templates"

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Thanks, I saw a few mistakes.
But the hard rejected does not allow you to fix this logo and send it again?
Should I upload a new logo now?

In some cases, if you make improvement ( significant ) it’s okay to re-submit the item but issue with the logo is not completed. I feel like you’re wanting to get a results as hipster design but this is not there yet

I suggest, start from the beginning for another idea not to risk anything. Your uploads right may be removed.

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Improving this logo is waste of time…All the authors above was gentle with you. The key on this marketplace is the concept and how to market this for the potential customers (aka selling potential)

To achieve this level you need to improve your skills. Right now you will get rejections most of the time.

Your advice is very abstract. In this case, you can close the forum and give all people one piece of advice - Improve your skills!
Authors come to the forum for help. If you have a desire to help, help. Show me which logo do you think is really good?

My first and only font:
Decorus, in 2 years - 3 sales
Your fonts:
Melancolie Condensed Script Font, for 6 years - 1 sale
Toscana Font, for 6 years - 2 sales
Halftone Sans, for 5 years - 2 sales

What problems? :slightly_smiling_face: