I need help !! I don't take rejection well, LOL. but after these 2...

I need help !! I don’t take rejection well, LOL. but after these 2,
what is my problem.
I do this for a living, and have many repeat clients.
I just wanted to expand, bt with AJ, they respond like I
am an amateur.
Maybe I am an amateur that has just been lucky.
my latest 2 rejections:
is it the:

EDM: http://jaxsn.com/AJ/EDMSample5Preview.mp3

Smooth Jazz: http://jaxsn.com/AJ/Everytime-Preview.mp3

My Rejection letter:
Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Everytime” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.
Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:
This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.
To understand commercial stock composition and arrangement better, please read the following article http://enva.to/6D-sd

The first one is muddy to say the least. It sounds like you composed a track around a sound of a lightning. Also the arrangement is confusing, especially for AJ reviewers.

As for the “smooth jazz”, the drums sound midi. Also, I don’t think I would call it jazz, it’s too experimental for AJ.

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Ok, i will take your comment into consideration.

Question, can a mix be “Thick”, or “Dense”,
Without being considered muddy?
Isn’t a muddy mix, where frequencies are dull,
and you can not identify separation of instruments?

Just asking.

2nd song, i was hesitant to call it smooth jazz,
But maybe if i replace drums with a live drummer.
I will think about doing that, it may add life into it.


I’m also struggling with hard rejects but I think I can identify the issues in these tracks, that’s why I commented. Don’t feel too bad, rejects are a great way of progressing. That’s how I look at my hard rejected tracks.

[quote=“jaxsn, post:3, topic:105165”]
Question, can a mix be “Thick”, or “Dense”,
Without being considered muddy?[/quote]

Yes, certainly. That should be our goal to achieve a clear, dense mix. This is an interesting article regarding the mentioned subject https://www.apexaudio.org/blog/tutorials/thinking-inside-box-complete-eq-tutorial-revived-part-2/

While you’re at it, I recommend to read the whole thing:


Yes, and frankly, I cannot identify a lot of instruments in your first track.The distorted “lightning” sound is all over the place and is mudding other instruments. I think you may have over-used saturation/distortion or increased the gain knob of your limiter too high.

Even if you get a professional jazz drummer, I doubt this track can be turned into a jazz track just by changing the drums. The chord progression and harmony doesn’t sound like jazz to me at all. Maybe it’s a better idea to aim at “cinematic” genre. But consider that multiple submission of a hard rejected track can result in revoking your rights to upload anything on AJ.


thanks, I will read your suggestions

The above links don’t work anymore, but we can always use the internet time machine: