I need feedback before submitting for review

There are thousands of real estate and business flyers almost identical already approved. The customers are bored to see and buy the same design year after year. You need to add more creativity. Drawing geometric elements with small pictures inside are not in trend anymore.

Check this for inspiration

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Thank you

hi I believe that globally @DesignSomething gave u very good advice indeed. One of the major problems here being about the fact that there is nothing new in what u have in a period when the market is quite saturated. A deja vu feeling transpired for about everything that ui have at the moment … shapes, color combinations, organization, typo, choice of pictures and so on… but there are a bit some more technical things to mention , too, though most of the flyer look quite clean, I acknowledge this. Let’s get started even if posting multiple things in one time makes it difficult to have in detail review so to speak. U frequently have a misbalance in terms of bulk of content from one section to the other in almost all the flyers. U also have an issue with z-layt ut globally as most of the important information turn otunot to be in the impact zones and thus the concerned elements lose impact and exposure, not to mention that this weakens slightly the hierarchy, too. I believe that most of the figures are not really popping out though an apparent desire from u to emphasize them a bit. The logo with circles is super flat and tends to flatten the item, and that would be better that u skip such fake logos so that u replace them by logos taking your game to the next level instead. Beware by the way of the breathing for headers and make sure that the logo has significant space around so that this can be increased in terms of size and that this is given a proper environment for the logo and brand to be noticed. ALso pay attention about choice of colors to make sure that u offer contrast enough, especially where this is about bullets where u put important information