I have raised a refund request for two themes when will it process

I have recently bought two themes and both having problem to work with raised support request but no response from support team, so i have raised a refund request now i have few questions

  1. when will my refund request will be processed ?
  2. how i will get notified cause in refund panel its still showing in progress from 7 days.

Hi @Prashant_univiz,

If The customer’s refund request was approved, Envato will let the customer know. The customer’s request will then be sent to Envato Help Team to be processed. Remember, once the Customer’s refund has been processed, the Customer’s right to use, download and rate the item is revoked.

How do refunds work?


From the same author?

no both are from different authors

thanks for the information but what is the maximum time Themeforest take to process refund

They have to check the issue and dispute it with the author first (5-7 days) and then it can take time for the bank to process it, so no way of knowing exactly how long

I hope you have checked the link ‘How do refunds work?’ I have provided. You will get many useful information there.