I have hard reject please help


Dear friend i need your help.

I have project which i make upload and videohive’s team make it hard reject. But i can’t understand why ?
I think it isn’t bad then they approve (maybe this project mine and because that i think so).

Can you please help me to understand what can be problem for not approval this animation

Thanks in advance

Color gamma is not good. Gray color looks sad:( Animation is boring I mean it’s very static… you animate only photo. Everything stays in place too long and does not move. Try to add more interesting transitions. And the bigest mistake it’s a font. Dont use this font. It looks old and discusting. Sorry for my opinion :wink: Wish you good work and wish your items have never been rejected :slight_smile:

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Hi romlam

Thank you very much. You helped me. Now i woll try to change like in your comment written )

Thanks once again

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