I have been rejected with my music. Friends, please help me!!!!

Hello there.
I have been rejected with my music. It’s a romantic track with an acoustic guitar solo. I’ve shown it to many musicians in different countries, and they said to me about a good mix and composition. Please advise me on what’s mistakes I have on my track.
Thank you very much.

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Hi Irokez,

In some of the guitar chords you have highly unusual dissonant tensions, and Audiojungle doesn’t like dissonance! You should rework this, and only use conventional guitar voicings. I understand that you’re trying to create something original, but the moment the reviewer hears those “wrong” chords, he just hits Reject, and moves on to the next track.

Best of Luck!

Hi @Irokez1812 , what @Soundset says. And I really like the vibe the track has. Make the start more harmonic and it’s improved for 80% I think.
Maybe you can also ad a tiny bit of reverb on the lead guitar. And the muted notes can use some more brightness. But these are just minor improvements.
Good luck!

Thank you very much, guys! Harmony is not only about fundamental tones, but I understand your conclusion. We always should be flexible. I have one more question. Should I write to reviewer that I have changed my rejected music or it does not matter?