My music was rejected. I would like to read the feedback.

Today my music got a rejection.
Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with it?
I followed the lesson of creating music for audiojungle and my friend from this site liked this music.

link to audio:

Thank you!

Whilst this track is produced quite well I can only assume in my humble opinion (and it is just my opinion), your track is just another one of the tens of thousands of tracks that sound exactly the same as others using the same formula, choice of sounds and arrangement. Maybe reviewers are being really strict on this genre of music and now only the best and different will get through. This “sound” has moved on IMHO.

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To me it sounds like the muted guitar is too loud and the beat is slightly too low in volume. At around one minute the muted guitart together with the piano sound kind of dry. I would try to add a tiny bit of reverb at least. In general the muted guitar pattern goes through the whole piece, which made my ear exhausted. I would come up with at least one more part to get the listeners ear refreshed at least a bit. :slight_smile:

Good luck next time!

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This rejection is most likely based on monotony. Otherwise it`s a healthy piece of music.
The sameness of pitch or tone from beginning to the end earned you a hard rejection.
Go ahead & explore the highs and lows of music. Add to the tonelessness and flatness some waves. You got a nice piece of music, just wave it.

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Thank you very much!